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    The Scorpio Sun signifies the most magical and mysterious time of the year, when the veil between the physical world and the realm of the spirits is said to grow thin.

    This month's Cosmic Craft Challenge invites you to invoke the invisible by creating a unique altar or shrine. Your altar could simply be a collection of images and objects that connects you with your spiritual tradition or with a sense of the sacred. Or you could make a shrine to a specific person -- either someone who has passed (as in a traditional Day of the Dead shrine) or a loved one currently in your life -- and include photos and mementos that remind you of that person. Your altar or shrine could be set up on a small table or other surface, or inside a box, diorama-style.

    Rules & Deadlines:

    1. Post the before and after photos of your craft, as well as a description of how you made it, from October 25 to November 17 in this forum topic. One entry per person, please.

    2. Polling will happen from November 17 to November 21, with live results displayed in the Forums. users will select the one that they think is the most magical.

    3. The lucky winner will be announced on November 22, when the Sun is in Sagittarius.The prize is an autographed copy of New Moon Magic by Jan Spiller!

    Get started now, and good luck!

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    made from a clothes rack cage/shelf

    -covered back of shelf with black cloth, sides with newspaper and bottom with blue cloth

    -draped over cage is a purple scarf


    -star magnets, hung with string

    -posterboard + glitter eyeshadow + sharpies + pipe cleaner = sun and moon

    -posterboard + sharpies = sign symbols

    -large pink candle

    -aries magnet

    -paper bag aries and pisces (my sun and ascendant)

    -dolphin miniature wind chime

    -blue tissue paper

    -light brite lights

    -Darkside Zodiac by Stella Hyde

    -my birth chart along the back wall

    -small pink net in back

  • My Autumn Altar

    My altar is always in place but I change certain elements and items to reflect the season and sabbat or esbat; this is this season's:

  • My photo didn't attach the first time so I am posting again,

  • Alter/Sacred Space Room

    Painted woodwork purple, hand-painted table for readings.

    Table holds oracle cards, candles.

    Fairy lights is a an old wine bottle filed with tiny light and tulle.

    Book case displays oracle cards, books candles, oils, crystals.

    I hung purple glitter fabric on window along with vintage jewlery.

    Tabelcoth is glitter fabric, fairy statures, angels, crystals.

    Ceiling holds baskets and flowers and windchimes.

    A very relaxing magickal room for me!

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  • This sacred space is set up right next to my bed, hence the blue bedspread in the background. The items I have included are as follows:

    The first 5 cards of the African American Tarot depicting the Fool's Journey

    Law Of Attraction Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks

    1 Balsam incense stick w/ extral long holder

    4 unscented tea lights

    3 small bottles of fragrance oil

    1 handmade clay Infinity symbol

    1 small incense pot w/ self lighting charcoal

    sprinklings of pink rosebuds

    1 woodburned & hand painted spiritual plaque

    1 African American painting

    1 purple silk cloth

    I had a wonderful time creating this sacred space specifically for this challenge. Maintaining my personal connection to Spirit on a daily basis is very important and I find having this next to my bed helps to remind me. This space allows me an opportunity to release negative patterns, build and support new insights and revealations, and most importantly, reminds me that I am loved by my Creator. I feel honored to have the opportunity to share my space with everyone on this forum and hope that it may inspire some of you to develop some ideas of what you can do to create your own sacred space. Thank you.


    April J.

  • Attached is the picture.

  • My dear friend Bill so loved the sea that I took this photo to give to him as a gift. He passed on suddenly, before I could send this photo to him. I am always reminded how fortunate I was to have him for a friend and when I look on the photo i am reminded of that.

  • All the altars are beautiful and unique; sadly I missed the dates to vote...which one was the lucky winner?

  • When are they announcing the winners? I thought it would be on November 22...

  • The winner was announced on the next craft challenge page:

    Congrats to morgaine3691! She'll be receiving a signed copy of Rick and Jeff's Your Astrology Guide 2009!

  • Congrats, Morgaine!!!

  • Well, that's a funny thing, I never knew I won, I never received the book, oh well.

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