Nice feeling on seeing a man I don't know at the supermarket,insight please!

  • Hello, I haven't felt something so kind of intense and nice while seeing a man after a very long time. I was at the supermarket and was looking for my mom and brother who were also shopping. And while walking around,there was this man wearing a light blue shirt staring at me. I was so overwhelmed and couldn't meet his eyes and continued on my way . I finally found my mom and as we were at the cashier , I decided to look around and see if I spot him . This time our eyes met for a few seconds . I definitely felt attracted to him but was the first to look away . He is cute and my type . I looked away as it was hopeless . He was still doing his shopping while I was leaving ...Perhaps if we had bumped into each other somewhere else where we were both alone , we could have talked ..I don't know . I'm so sad as maybe I'm never going to see him again . This moment we shared was so intense and there was something .. Is there any chance our paths will cross again ?? Thank you.

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