Is... any one....some one....out thier somewhere..any where!!!

  • Sorry for drastic title,but its as tho im invisible on line as well as here!it really is getting me down for the past 2 years honestly iv submitted questions asked for aviced you name it,at first i thought i must be doing this mailing(not only to yourselves but other things as well)thing wrong maybe no one actually saw any of my mailings!!No ,been doing it correct,i admit i dont often ask for advice etc im quite independant ive had to be just things have been quite hard for a while,mentally doing reading for myself are also getting to confusing and wrong!! i just wish i knew where im suppose to be,what im suppose to be! they say you only get dealt in life what you can handle,honestly im no marter iv delt with a lot esp the past few years normallly i just give myself a shake rememember my priorities and get on with it im no quittter but i just cantseem to do it,im mentally&physically exhusted,did i do something really bad in another life,cause this one has been a constant struggle from birth,only the outside world sees the painted smile!!! anyone please!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Cas,

    I must admit I haven't seen any of your postings in the past.

    I know this year has been pretty awful for a lot of people and many of us are hanging out to the year end and bring in the new year. You sound like you are feeling the way a lot of people have been feeling, kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm not a psychic, haven't started using tarot cards yet, so I can't offer you anything in that sense.

    My suggestion would be to join "Circle of Gold" (go to the Circle of Gold thread), it's a prayer group and about receiving the light and shining our light to others. Please go there and read what Ahliyah has written, her email address is also there and I think she would be a great person to offer you some insight and direction.

    Just hang in there, there are a lot of supportive people on this site and I'm sure some others will be glad to support and encourage you. Anytime you want to chat, I'm usually here at some point. I'm sorry, I'm really tired right now, it's 12.25am my time and I'm struggling at this time to offer anything especially enlightening. But I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.

    Please feel free to tell me about your worries and I can offer an outside viewpoint and try to help you through this. If you prefer to talk privately off the forum, let me know and I can give you an email address to contact me on.




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