Art from Numerology

  • Hulloo~ I was led to numerology in 1991 through the MotherPeace Tarot workbook, more strongly led by my guides in 1993 and have been working hard at developing numerology products that are useful works of art. After trying several mediums, including handcarved woodworking, fabric and wire, I am currently in production, handpainting bisqueware with ceramic paints. I produce a client's reading, rework Hans Decoz' text with enhanced info and formatting, then select text from the reading as a visual reminder to the reader of their talents and skills. I've developed a color chart that corresponds to the numbers 1 through 9, 11, 22, 33 and they are an important feature of my work.

    Several artists have used alpha-numerics in their painted pieces found in numerology books but it is usually dark colors and macabre images. Being SO interested in jewel tones and bright energy they did not inspire me other than acknowledging I am not alone on my quest for creating numerology art pieces. Although renedered in torn paper and maintaining white and beige tones, I came across one woman's work at the Northrup King artist facility in North Minneapolis, MN that WAS inspiring.While browsing objects in a San Francisco shop, she found an actual accounting journal with all text and numerics in Chinese. This led the artist to create her large framed pieces by tearing out the Chinese accounting figures and juxtaposing them against each other for, what I perceived as, numerologic art. A find for me!

    Have you seen artists work that was memorable featuring alpha-numeric figures and/or colors you can describe here? Please do~

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