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    I have somehow, dunno fully comprend how i did, made i believe 3 hot nice men love me. My dilemma is I dunno which is better. Plus my unemployment status i feel is linked to one of them, but not which. Nor the how n wherefors. I am psychic myself but as you know we´re lousy selfreaders as we aint as detached as when we read all else.

    The areas is work, relocation, love, marriage, pregnancy n children.

    im born march 10 1972 at 11.20PM denmark

    Connor my oldest male friend whom i loved first is born April 7 1962 at 3.47 AM in Rome Italy adopted by americans 7 to 14 days later, today an all american male. he left my life n has semi returned. in the day i was so in love with him, part of me still love him, but all of it puzzles me. if u can shed light i´d b so appreciative.

    second oldest friend is Alden, oct 4 1937 at 1.27 AM Wallace Idaho USa. I call him "My sane voice of reason" he tends to calm me down no matter how flippy upset n freaked out i am. I know i do the same when he is upset. i love him so much n my heart stops when i think i see him walking in my view.

    last is Charlie, June 25 1941 at 2.47 AM San Francisco CAlifornia USA. My ever elusive cancerian, once he is then he is not then he is back then he aint back. I felt a karmic bond from day one n it has not eased up since, but all what he n i had n have it puzzles me. i dunno where i have him nor where i stand in his life. i love him also to death, in a diff way than Alden n Connor. cant fully explain it.

    i know my future is with either Alden or Charlie, Connor is forever my friend, mainly prolly bc i cant see Connor n me as a couple. mayb i am wrong its all in a haze to me.

    What do you see? n just b as blunt as u need to be.



    ps if others pick up on this, reply by all means

  • This is not a psychic reading by any means, but I'm thinking Alden. The reaso is because you say your heart stops, and he calms you down. We women MUST be able to FEEL something with a man, and a man who can not GET our attention will not KEEP our interest as years go by.

    There are so many men out there, how do we decide which one is for us? Well, we certainly don't use logic to make that decision, do we? It all hinges on our emotions. How do we feel? Not so much WHAT do we feel, but how much do we feel? if a guy makes us feel insecure, adventurous, proud, and feminine all in one day, we'll choose him in a heart beat over a guy who just makes us feel safe. Which is why the nice guys don't ever get the girls.

    Sad but true, you won't open the door for a guy who is too nice or too bland. Hope this wasn't too blunt.

    Much love

  • Do I dare say none of the above? Not that the feelings aren't real or important but I see these three relationships as part of your growth towards choosing love. I know you love them but it's more complicated than that. Alden gave me the warm and fuzzies. He is a safe haven and you both really get each other. Spirit says all three choices bring out a safety issue you cleave to. They are all safe in that you cannot really be totaly committed to any for one reason or another--they all mirror in you areas of conflict and they also help you grow as you deal with the challenges. You still have a blind spot for your shadow side and the real mate is still around the corner. The fact that they are all here tugging at you is a good sign of a crossroads--a time to really see yourself with detachment and how you relate to them--what they represent in your life--past and present. If you can see the pattern of your shadow side--its fears the self sabotage of past choices the limmiting core beliefs left unspoken then you will embrace the change in yourself and a new love just ahead will come in view and with new vision you will take notice. Alden can help you be honest about who you really are and what you truelly need. Charlie is part of your wound--and if you really let yourself be honest about the feelings he brings to the surface--then you can heal and move on--get to the heart of that abandonment attraction. Conner is a measure of your growth--how far you've come--you are not that same woman and if you can see that it will help you keep the energy of moving forward. I know you are looking outward at them but really through them you are in a place now to be looking inward. They all have something to teach you about yourself that will open your heart to an even better relationship with someone who is just ahead. Spirit says start at this crossroads with this in mind and the seed will bloom in six months. Make a list of your needs and your desires. Be honest--sometimes what we want and what we need are not the same. A perfect mate often ruffles our feathers but for the right reasons. Patience is important--someone who isn't too needy but does need you. You have a bit of a fear of being needed but can get past that. You need someone who doesn't bruise easily. They definetly must have a large sense of humour. I've started your list. Also you should list the aspects of yourself you want to see flouresh. Be more patient? You know this list best. Write it down and give it an special place. Do this faithfully with visualization and I see a change in the months September through December and definetly a very intimate and cozy new year with someone you never could have dreamed would come into your life. Blessings

  • CWB--The heart is the truest compass. Strange to me that Alden is considered one of your oldest friends but your heart does flip-flops when you see him. For romantic love to endure, there has to be that kind of spark. Afraid of committing your heart wholly? You are drawn to Charlie for what you know are karmic reasons, thus you are drawn to him in spite of your intuition. You will work out what you need to with him and then the relationship will fade due to the growth of both persons. You love Conner for sentimental reasons and he will always be a part of you, but as you said, you don't see him and you as a couple. I'm not psychic to the point where I can read your future or even know if this advice is sound as I just get impressions, but I wish you much happiness...

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