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  • I wonder if any one can give me some insight. I have had a dream recently about being befriended by a coyote, a fox and last but not least the wolf. In the dream I was their friend, I was accepted and I did not speak human words to them but once to say in Lakota, "We are all related"....

    A few weeks later at a park with lots of kids in it at a school picnic for my daughter,I was walking towards the bathroom with I suddenly saw a large red dog with a dark face... seemed to just appear. I looked at him, a bit awestruck at such a size as he was and being that he was alone and very big. He cocked his head at me, not threat at all. I found it strange that no one but me seemed to see this beautiful, large dog. I went into the bathrooms,a bit shaken by the whole thing. When I came back out of the bathroom, the graet dog had vanished, and even though I looked, I saw no trace of a dog around. I was a bit perplexed and began to wonder if it was a sign of some sorts.

    I'm trying to figure out what my totem animal is, it seems to be a wolf since I have a high reverence for them. Any one have any ideas?

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    Here are the tilles of a couple books I have used.


    He has a number of books on this topic with work books as well. Ted's animals, birds, and water life are mainly North Amerincan types.


    Steven's book seems to have global life.

    Also, there is a set of cards by SUSIE GREEN tilted "AMIMAL MESSAGES".

    I hope this helps you some what.



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    There are a lot of web sites available to help you decipher all sorts of animals. If you think the wolf is your guide, Then It is. We conncet to that which our spirit needs at any given time. Researching this will give you greater understanding. Its a great gift! Honor the wolf spirit in any way you feel comfortable.

    I had a thought while reading your post that all are of the canine family. If it was me, I'd research the coyote and dog also. Another thought, animal spirits can change as we go thru life. Some come for a time and after we accept and learn that which they are here to show us they can move on. Often another takes their place for our next growth phase. Sometimes, they stay and are giudes for life.

    Everything is related. But, that which touches the deepest realm of our soul, no matter what that may be, we should truly try and understand.

    Enjoy your journey!


  • Laie4 is so right--if you google animal totems--you will find a LOT of info.

    Be aware--you may only want to get to know one of yours at a time--we we often have a few--and different ones to help us with different things at different times.

    Some who come in come in a messengers-but may not be "your" totem--just a messenger to come in.

    Get to know YOURS--your dream tells you have fox, coyote & wolf medicine. Those are the ones I'd learn about & explore first. Our guardians are wonderful helpers when we get to know them honor them, connect with them & remember our gratitude.

    Aho mitake.

  • Check out the Medicine Cards and find your personal totem. Most places at sell tarot have it. I believe dog is loyalty coyote is the trickster. You may be surprised by them I was by mine.

    Cheers Pfree

  • Hi! I have been asking my Spirit Guide to help me become aware of her for years but I believe I have been too ill to recognize her. Last night I was doing a reading and realized that lately The World card has been showing up a lot, also known as 'Sophia' goddess of Wisdom, and connection between heaven and earth'. I have had three female dogs throughout my lifetime, all three I named 'Sophie'....I struggled with naming them all the same thing but I was compelled. All three dogs died tragically before five years of age, and all three were devastating for me... I've had male dogs too but haven't had the same ability to communicate as easily or clearly. All three of the females were perfectly behaved from puppies and seemed very evolved, and I think all three were 'sent' to me.

    Can it be that 'Sophia' is my Guide (I don't mean the card itself)? I had a very visceral experience when I felt like I made the connection... Liz

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