You know that feeling you get right...

  • I'm talking about a feeling you get when you are not sure which decision to make or if it is the right one? When everything just feels right but it doesn't. Is that called fear? Or is it something different like a warning? I think if anyone out there is offering insight....I could use it. I would appreciate it so much. 6/17/17

  • its called anxiety. this is the part when u go with ur heart. u ask ur heart wat it is u feel u should do.and the first thing that comes to u thats wat u do. its like havin a gut feeling.u go with it. otherise ur goin against the flow. plus if u go wit ur gut and ur right ull feel good. and if ur wrong ull feel good knowing u went with ur heart and in the end believe it or not there is no bad decision. u did wat u were suppose keep it simple like i do. and let go and let the universe help u. have a grand day my friend.

  • Thank you for your words. It is so true, that anxiety gets the best of me (sometimes). I'm making a major decision that is very good for me to make. I guess anxiety of the unknown is what gets me. I can't control everything and I think if I stop, breathe, and listen....i will be okay. I have to allow the universe to help. Thank you, for reminding me of this 🙂

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