Hans Wolfgang- Need a Reading Please!!

  • Hey Hans Wolfgang!!

    I was referred to you by Highpriestess3 for a Reading!!

    I met a this guy in Florida in April. It felt like a bolt of Lightning had hit me, and I just had to see him as much as possible!! We danced several nights, had a great time! I have spoken to him a couple of times since, and he suggested we meet soon, and we chose a time and place, etc.

    But now, it has been 4 weeks since I last heard from him ( I am in a very troubled marriage, have been for years now) and I don't know why or understand why he hasn't called me.

    Soooo............will I see him soono as we had planned??? Will he be a constant in my life? It feels as if I should be with him from now on, so this is really, really hurting me!!

    Any insight you can give me would be so much appreciated!!!

    My DOB March 18, 1960 at 5:39 AM, in Paducah, KY. His DOB July 7, 1973 in Brazil.

    Thank you so much!!!


  • Bunny07,

    I don't know why or understand why he hasn't called me: because he is still indecisive.

    Soooo............will I see him soono as we had planned??? No.

    Will he be a constant in my life? No.

    Any insight you can give me would be so much appreciated!!! You cannot ask up front. Meet distrust with tolerance and benevolence; such graciousness will wear away any heart of stone.

    My DOB March 18, 1960 at 5:39 AM, in Paducah, KY: There are many significant meanings. On one hand it represents 'the devoted mother', and thus can indicate a time when a woman conceives or gives birth to a child. It also can be the indicator of marriage. It is also sexual enjoyment and romantic fantasy. You can bet that one or more of these qualities will be present in your life. The only negative manifestation may be a tendency towards laziness, fantasizing, or self indulgence. It could cause you to put on some weight or overdo it sexually or otherwise.

    From end of March 2010 until mid February 2011 you are on a new course. This is an extremely significant influence in many ways. It represents a time when you will try to achieve new kinds of self-expression and become more free than you have ever been. This is one of the most revolutionary periods in your life. At its most productive, this influence can clear away limitations that have made your life less meaningful and fruitful, whether they have been imposed by yourself or by others. Your life can be more real. But at its worst, this influence can signify a time of wild instability and chaos, when events seem to happen unpredictably and disruptively.

    Whatever you feel about change in life, now you will be forced to break up old patterns and embark on a new course. Whether you complete this process depends largely upon whether your life has degenerated into a dull and safe routine. It also depends upon how much energy you put into resisting changes.

    You will be attracted to anything new and exciting, as well as new techniques in your work and in personal development. You may become more interested in science and technology. You will experience this as a time of rebellion, particularly against authorities, such as your husband (or parents), officials and employers. You will not be very patient with restrictions at this time.

    However, this influence need not be destructive. It is a call for you to examine your life and see what changes must be made to keep you from becoming too rigid. You may simply make tremendous changes in many aspects of your life so that you feel more free and more completely yourself.

    At the very least, from mid May 2010 until mid January 2011 you will feel good at this time. Your health is good, and you feel very optimistic. For a while it may seem that everything is working out perfectly, and if you make an effort, it will. But if you simply sit back and enjoy this time, its beneficent influence will pass away with little to show for it afterward.

    This is the beginning of a new twelve-year cycle of growth in your life. It is a time to initiate new projects and expand your activities so that you can experience life from a broader perspective. You may find that you can escape from some narrowing and inhibiting circumstance that has prevented you from realizing your full potential as a human being. Sometimes people travel under this configuration, but usually the traveling is more in the mind.

    This is a good time to study a subject that raises your consciousness or expands your view of the world, and it is an excellent time for going back to school. You may also meet new people who expose you to aspects of life that you have never known before. Your freedom will certainly increase. Even with this influence there are some pitfalls. First of all, your exuberant optimism can cause you to overdo or overreach yourself, so that when this time is over, you find yourself out on the proverbial limb. Exercise a certain amount of restraint and build upon what you have rather than trying to increase your holdings beyond your ability to handle them. Be careful of extravagance, and if you invest money, remember that today's luck is not permanent.

    One of Osho´s father's friends -- he was a very good

    ayurvedic physician -- wanted to give Osho a certain

    ancient medicine made of a very rare kind of root. It

    is only found in the Himalayas and even there only in

    very rare places. It is called brahmabodhi. It is not just a pill you can

    swallow, it is a whole ritual. With that root juice

    they write OM on your tongue. It is so bitter that one

    almost feels like vomiting, and you have to stand naked

    in the river or in the lake, water up to your neck.

    Then the word OM will be written, while mantras are

    being chanted around you by three Sanskrit scholars.

    He loved Osho and he was sincere. It is said that if

    brahmabodhi is used for any child before the age of

    twelve then he will certainly realize God in his life.

    Brahma means the ultimate, God. So he wanted to do the

    ritual on Osho.

    Osho said, "I am surprised that you have three sons and

    you have not tried the ritual on them. Don't you want

    them to realize God? I know those three scholars who

    will be chanting around me have their own children.

    Nobody has tried it on them, so why do you want me?"

    He said, "Because I love you, and I feel you may

    realize God."

    Osho said, "If you feel that, then I will realize

    without your brahmabodhi. If brahmabodhi helps people

    to realize God, you would have given it to your

    children. Just out of curiosity I am willing to go

    through the ritual, but I absolutely doubt that it has

    any value. If God could be realized by such a simple

    method that others do to you... I don't have to do

    anything -- just stand in the water, maybe a little

    shivering, for as long as your mantras are being

    chanted... and just a little bitter taste, perhaps some

    vomiting, but these are not big things to achieve God.

    So I want it to be clearly understood: I am skeptical

    of it, but out of curiosity I am ready. Just I want to

    know, how much time will it take me to realize God?"

    He said, "The scriptures don't say anything about


    Osho said, "In this life at least?"

    He said, "Yes, in the same life."

    So the ritual was arranged and Osho went through the

    whole torture. For almost one hour he was standing

    shivering in the water. And he used to think that neem,

    one of the trees in India, has the bitterest leaves,

    but this brahmabodhi surpassed everything. Nothing can make you feel so bad. They wrote OM

    on his tongue; it was almost impossible to keep down

    because his whole stomach was upturned, and he felt like

    throwing up, but he did not want to disturb their

    ritual. And that was one of the parts of it, that you

    should not throw up; otherwise the whole ritual has

    gone wrong, nothing will happen.

    After one hour Osho was released from that ritual. He

    asked the old physician, "Do you really believe this

    kind of nonsense can help anything, that it has any

    relevance to the experience of God? Then why do people

    go on doing ascetic practices their whole life,

    self-torture, all kinds of disciplines? -- this one

    hour torture is enough!"

    He said, "That creates a question in my mind too. I

    have been worshipping God my whole life, and when I was

    writing OM on your tongue I thought, `My God! Perhaps

    he will realize, and I have been worshipping God my

    whole life -- morning and evening. I am tired of it but

    I go on, because unless I realize I am not going to

    stop.' "

    Osho said to him, "It is absolutely absurd. I don't see

    any logic in it except torturing small children for no

    reason at all." And he was not the only one, because

    when they arranged this whole ritual a few other rich

    people became aware and they had brought their sons.

    There were at least nine boys standing in a row in

    the river because whatever is done for one, is done for

    nine; it takes the same time. And Osho said, "I know these

    boys; most of them are idiots. If they can realize God,

    then I don't want to realize, because I don't want to

    be in heaven with these boys. They are so idiotic that

    even in school if they are in my class I change the

    class, I go to another subject. I have never been with

    those people. This is for the first time -- in a great

    effort for God-realization -- that I have been standing

    with them."

    Later a few of them dropped out before the middle

    school because they could not pass, and Osho asked the

    physician, "What is the matter? The people who are

    going to realize God could not pass a small

    examination! They have proved perfectly well that your

    ritual was an exercise in futility."

    He used to be angry but he was also considerate. He

    said, "You have a point there, but what can I do?" One

    of the boys is in jail; he murdered somebody. The three

    who failed just have small businesses. The remaining

    have disappeared in the big world.

    Osho went on asking him again and again, "What about

    those nine who were prepared for God-realization? Are

    you still thinking that they will realize God?"

    Finally he said, "You are so persistent that I have

    to tell you, I don't believe in this ritual; it is just

    that it is written in the scriptures. And seeing the

    failure of all these people... but don't tell it to


    Osho asked, "Why?"

    He said, "Be wise."

    Osho said, "You call it being wise?"

    "Don't tell it to anybody, because everybody believes

    in the scriptures. Why create enemies? Keep it to


    Osho said, "That is a way of lying."

    He said, "That's true, it is a way of lying."

    And Osho said, "All those scriptures continuously say

    `Be truthful.' So should I follow the scriptures or

    should I follow the masses?"

    He said, "You create dilemmas for me. I am old and

    tired, and I don't want to get into any trouble. Now

    this is a real dilemma for me. I cannot tell you to be

    untrue and I cannot tell you to be truthful. I cannot

    tell you to be untrue because it will go against the

    scriptures. I cannot tell you to be true because it

    will endanger your life. I can simply say, `Be wise.' "

    Osho said, "I used to think wisdom consists of being

    truthful, but here it seems that to be wise means to be

    political; to be wise means deceitful, uncaring about

    the truth, just thinking about your own comfort and


  • hans wolfgang i wanted to as yu for a favor. ive been in a relationship with this guy for almost 4 months now but for the past month everything has changed we hardly ever talk hes just a completely different person but theirs days where he acts the same as he use to before. he is the most confusing guy ive ever been with. i dont knot if i should just move on and end it with him..theirs also this other guy which has been my friend for a couple years now and me and him have always had a thing for eachother but i dont know if i should start a real relationship with him wat do yu suggest?

    my birthday is august 26,1992

    my boyfriends birthday is july 2,1989

    and my friends birthday is february 12,1990

    i hope yu can help

    -sara 🙂

  • sara,

    i dont knot if i should just move on and end it with him: yes.

    i dont know if i should start a real relationship with him? yes.

    wat do yu suggest: remain loyal to those who helped you, and carry them out of harm's way.

    my birthday is august 26,1992: you recognize that love is the highest power of all. You make a devoted mother, but not always the best spouse. Your devotion to your children and profession often displaces the love you would give your spouse. You do love everyone, forever, its true, but sometimes the wrong associations bring problems. You can be overbearing, but this is only the case when you have been betrayed by those you hold closest to your heart. From past lives, you bring with you the knowledge of mastery of your emotions and of your family life. There are inevitable losses of loved ones in your life but you know the truth and can let go though you still feel the pain. You are mentally gifted and sometimes psychic. Much knowledge just flows to you and you use this to rise up to the top in your career.

    i hope yu can help: collect yourself, remain by yourself and stay so out of danger.

    A great surgeon who was


    A party was arranged to say goodbye to him. He had

    served the institution and he was most loved. It was

    going to be difficult to find a substitute, he was such

    a perfect surgeon. The party was going on, people were

    drinking and dancing and eating. Suddenly a friend of

    the surgeon looked around -- the surgeon was not there.

    So he went out to see; he was sitting under a tree.

    The friend was a famous advocate. The friend said,

    "What are you doing? They are all celebrating and you

    are sitting here in such sadness."

    The surgeon said, "It is because of you. Remember,

    twenty-five years ago I came to you to inquire --

    because you had been my friend and the topmost legal

    expert -- what the consequences would be if I killed my

    wife. And you said twenty-five years in jail."

    The advocate said, "What has that to do with today?"

    He said, "Today, twenty-five years are complete.

    Today I would have been free. But you prevented me from

    attaining freedom. You did not act like a friend but

    like an enemy. Today I would have come out of the jail.

    You forced me to live my whole life with a woman who

    was nothing but a torture."

    The advocate said, "You should think about your art,

    your surgery, your skill, your fame. If you were in

    jail you would not have been a famous surgeon."

    He said, "I don't care about being famous. What has

    fame given to me? Just those few idiots who are

    drinking and talking all kinds of nonsense and thinking

    they are celebrating my retirement? What has fame given

    to me? I wanted freedom!"

  • thanks i ended that relationship already & i feel much better.

    && about starting the new one do you think that guy is actually worth it?

    im just tired of picking the wrong guys. i really dont trust guys at all thats why i dont ever let myself get attached to any of them. and i dont even let myself get any sort of feelings towards them. ive been called heartless by alot of people but it doesnt bother me anymore.i only show my feelings to the people i know i can trust which is not even alot of people.

    i have another question i have an ex boyfriend he was actually my first love ive been thinking about him lately. do you think i should try it out again with him or no?

    his birthday is november 6,1990

    thank yOu for taking your time & giving me your advice 🙂


  • Hans I need your help!

    This saturday(3 days ago) I was working(makeup artist, education ends 24th this month) and I saw this really cute guy working in the store that we were borrowing clothes from. So I walked up to him at the end of it all, gave him my number and then walked away. But the thing is that I got a feeling about him, I have never done like that before but I just feelt like I had to. I didn´t say anything else than his name and he said yeah: and then I just gave him my number because he opened the piece of paper, I thought he wanted somehting else because he came out with a piece of paper and pen after I left but that was because he needed the number of the person being responsible for the whole photoshoot.

    So my questions are, and please Hans. just clear and straight answers like yes no, and if he will call when, no riddles please

    Will he call me/is he single?

    Did he laugh or throw my number away after I left?

    Will something happen between us?

    Will I get some help from one of the models sister? She is MUA as well and he said she could help me when I´m done witht eh education.

    His name is Julios, a blonde punkrocker, looks like Billy Idol but much hotter...

    I don´t know his birthdate but mine is 11th of august 1989,

  • Sara,

    do you think that guy is actually worth it? no.

    i have another question i have an ex boyfriend he was actually my first love ive been thinking about him lately. do you think i should try it out again with him or no? you should try it out again with him.

    thank yOu for taking your time & giving me your advice: you are losing contact with your inside, within you.

    Meditation helps you to grow your own intuitive

    faculty. It becomes very clear what is going to fulfill

    you, what is going to help you flower. And whatsoever

    it is -- and it is going to be different for each

    individual... That is the meaning of the word

    "individual": everybody is unique. And to seek and

    search your uniqueness is a great thrill, a great


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