• This post is deleted!

  • Sounds very interesting.may have a look later,

    Hey silverraven how are things,

    Pleased to meet you.

    Besr wishes


  • Silverraven

    Yes, I went to the website to find more info about him..

    I'll try giving it a shot.

    thanks Alot, Happy to hear the good news about you moving to Florida

    Hun, Im sure thats going to be wonderful for you & your just in time

    for summer. Congrads girl!

    Hmmm...Im sure Its not me with the health problems,

    Not anyone in my close family that I know of either that I can


  • I do Have A concern, Is there anything New or special

    I have to look forward this summer ?


  • HEY!

    I'm doin ok. I'm adamant about the health issue. It doesn't mean serious though. Could be a cough, sore tooth, cut on a finger...first thing a got when I was reading your post.

    Be well my friend,

    Blessed Be!


    It's always summer in

    Now I'm worried about that oil spill. Hitting the coast of Florda now.

    Sux, doesn't it.

    Problem is: It's in our country...NOT THE UK!

    I'm really angry about this.

    Think of the wild life who drink these waters. The people who make a living off these waters.

    I'm sick of the whole thing.

    You can thank VP Cheney for this!

  • I Know its anoyying, and that must be hurting alot of wild life.

    Thats bad i hope the rescue Animal sheltres are doing all they can to help!

    Im sure it will clear up eventually.

    Get well soon, Im not feeling to great either, must be the wheather, though its nice and sunny here

    Best wishes

    RebeccAnn 🙂

  • Think Positive!

    Negative thoughts ...not good!


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