Help with my Celtic Reading Please??

  • Okay i did the celtic cross spread on myselfand the question i asked was "what are the possibilites of finding someonr right for me"

    What I got is...

    1. 2 pentacles-indicator

    2. 10 of swords-problem or situation affrecting me

    3)ace of cups- foundation of question

    1. king of pentacles- past

    2. 3 of pents- present

    3. the star-future

    4. judgement-factors affecting situation

    5. 9 cups-external influences

    9)king of cups-hopes and fears

    1. ace of swords-outcome

    I am new to the tarot but my veiw of this spread is that maybe i am coming to an end(10 swords) of juggling(2 pentacles) something. I want a new romance(Ace Of cups). I am not sure what to think about the 3 of pentacles? I think it means job well done on something? the star could be indicating that i have hopes for a new relationship in the future. I know that the judgement card means a realty check of some kind,but i dont know what.I think 9 of cups may meen wishfull thinking of some sorts maybe wishing for mr. right, the King of cups. Ace of sw-ords,clarity or truth about something? but what?I dont know.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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