Gemini Man taking long to call!!

  • yeh..but the thing is I don't know if I want anything now...its okay for him to call..but I have other things in my life to deal with and he doesn't share those same interests sooo thats it....I might have the week before but my priorities have changed since and I am not that into him as I thought I I am living my life w/ or w/out him...thats his decision to make or not make..

  • Very good!! You are definetely doing the correct thing. Sometimes us geminis push people away when really it was a good thing. I hope everything goes for you however you wish or want it too. Goodluck sweetie!!!

  • Why would a Gemini push someone away when really it was a good thing? I am also dealing with a Gemini man. I have never dated one before in my life, so this is all new territory. And to top it all off, he's bipolar...go figure...and that just seems to exaggerate the Gemini traits.

  • wow exaggerate the gemni traits..that would be kinda sorta..out of the ordinary..haven't heard from him yet but am not waiting either...right now I need to take care of myself and focus on my life if it is meant to be it will happen otherwise I am still moving along on my journey where ever that leads me...

  • Well Gem man didnt call me yup I'm getting the hint his not interested (its a month and 2 days)which is heart breaking to me,yet I remember him telling me some time next year call me when you around that area and then call me and I'll be there, didnt know what he meant by than, so he kept repeating it until I didnt find it weird why would he ask next year, well he was hinting his effing I need speace thingy that geminis do, twat bag he is, I just hate the fact his making me feel like this, I at times wish i never knew a man like him. so it wodnt be so hard for me to find anyone else, well im with this guy who is a cap man (rebound he doesnt know he is oops), but yet he isnt funny at all, quite boring to me but his sweet and caring and woow effing hot lol. but if gem-man asked to be his BF I wod but I wod tell him my rules in my relationship. cos I cant stand drama, if he refusses I'd turn away I do not want a crapy unhappy life, its better of being a alone then to be in love and feel pain to.

    Miss him loads miss him making me laugh the most.

  • wow...mizzlibra hang in there...if it was meant to be he will come back or call you..well he called last night but he hung up after I answered but I didn't call him back thats that maybe he will call again later..yeh he's a trip when he wants to be..but right now I am kinda busy n not really into him as I thought I was...soooo yup if it happens then it does..not a big deal anymore..

  • I wish he could call back, i just dont have hope of him ever doing it, it takes so much for me to ever like a guy, now that i like him, i cant stand to have my lips touch by another man, cos i had trust in gem-man i wanted him to be the first and last.

  • yes I dated a gemini for a hot second he got so moody and grabby that I had to make some demands of my own, that's when we mutally backed off, now he's back pointing the finger at me like it was all my fault, and I'm like nooooooooooo I started acting funny AFTER you started acting funny. Gem men are a trip and if you let yourself get wrapped up in the head games you will loose. Stay grounded and focused mzlibra this too shall pass.

  • Hello, i was hoping to share my experience with a Gem man. I have known him for 15yrs and in that time we lost touch for a while for obvious life growing experiences. Since meeting him those 15yrs ago i have cared about him from the start. We became comfortable friends that woulds talk all the time about anything and everything. I really began to care for him more than a friend but kept it hidden for the fact that i wanted a long lasting friendship with him. When we both drifted apart for our own reason we finally came together on a social network FB 2 yrs ago.

    When we started to hang out and talk those feelings came rushing back. I do admit there did seem to be some heat between us both but again i shied away for our friendship. In a recent act of sponenaity we both succumbed to that heat. I took it in stride but was hopeful for a more amorous feeling, WELL......That was only a hope. Since all that time spent reconnecting and getting closer, the txt msgs or phone calls seemed to get shorter. I have made the attempt but im not into weakening my value for someone that really isnt that into me.

    All i can say is that its best to keep your options open and if it comes to you the way it is meant to then appreciate it for what it was worth. As a woman i love love and love to see love form between two people, i hope in your case it works out but dont settle for one match because there are always a few that have just as good qualities and would love to make you feel wanted.

    I had to get used to the fact that this Gem man was not going to be pushed or rushed into anything serious, i just hope that what happened in the past doesnt ruin a great length of friendship.

    wish u the best!


  • Hey Dark Angel, I felt compelled to respond to something you said....

    You asked "Why would a Gemini push someone away when really it was a good thing?"

    Well, I am a Gemini Female and I have to say its that "the grass is always greener" mentality. Its more a fear of commitment than anything else. A Gem will push away something regardless if its going well because their over-analytical brain is getting the best of them. They are thinking several things at once, like "is this really the ONE for me?", "Could there be something better than this" and "Oh look! Something shiny!".....

    This is where people can get the impression that Gemini's are selfish (and some are) but really much of it is just them trying to find the best for themselves. The best job for them, the best friends for them, and the best mate...

    I know for me, and this may sound like a dream-come-true to some women but those who know it can be like hell, there was one point in my life where I was talking/dating to eight different guys at one time. Now to explain, I was young, in college, and the last thing I wanted was to be tied down. I was honest and up-front with everyone saying that I just wanted to have fun and that I wasn't looking for anything. I met some of the most amazing individuals and am glad to say that I had the privilege of spending time with them. My hang up was that though I KNEW they were amazing and I KNEW they would treat me well... There was always something that didn't click. For example i would want his personality, but his taste in music, and his good looks, but his charm... I wanted MY Mr. Perfect. All of these guys were fun but none were ALL that I wanted. Just parts of them.....I NEVER started a relationship with ANY of them because I knew my heart wasn't in all the way, and it wouldn't be fair to any of them. If I had dated one of them it would have been because, Oh, I thought Joe Schmo was cute, but then would be bored out of my mind because he couldn't keep up a conversation.

    I did, eventually, find a guy who was what I called, my wrapped-up-in-one, or my "Mr. Perfect". He had all the traits I was looking for and was able to hold my attention long enough to where we had a committed, three year relationship. It was wonderful, til we split...but I digress.

    Its possible for Gemini's to commit and to be loyal and really we can make great spouses...but in the process of finding our Mr./Mrs. Perfect we end up stepping on a few toes and few hearts get broken along the way (ours included).

    Personally, I dont think anyone should ever settle, that we should search/find/wait for our own, personal Mr./Mrs. Perfects....they are out there.

    I hope that helps some people out there.

  • tmoe, thank you for the insight. It was very helpful. 🙂

  • @tmoe "They are thinking several things at once, like "is this really the ONE for me?", "Could there be something better than this" and "Oh look! Something shiny!"....."

    Really made me laugh with this one! Quite like your post very well put as gem myself i must say i can identify myself with all you're saying (apart from the 8 guy at the time bit i've managed only 3 at once and even that was quite a big spoon lol)

  • Thanks redgemini 🙂 College was a crazy time so eight guys was insane to handle, lol. I just cant say no when it comes to getting to know someone... Im such a curious person. Sadly, some people take it wrong, even when I am upfront and honest of my intentions (being friends, etc.).

  • well well the gem guy called and said I called you 20x times a day(exaggeration) and why aren't u answering your phone??? haha umm cuz I don't always carry it w/me..wherever I go..hahaha he wants to buy some lingerie..hmmmmmm I dk..what that all means..but..he's kinda sorta I dk..i had to get off the phone..tho when he calls...sooo busy..but yeh..he is coming over later this evening..hmmm...he loves to tease so I tease or flirt right back..hahaha..

  • Wooow, I feel like a real piece of Sh!t right now, just finished talking to Gem-man, I'm sooo well upset I really want to cry, but of course i cant let him get the best of me, yeah he used me most properly and will later use me in the future, ( and I will let him, what ever way he wants to go), well can you believe the only reason he didnt call was cos he was giving me mixed signals, had no idea to tell you the truth, but we sorted it out, and he knows that i like him, cant believe i made the first step into telling that i did, i just felt comfortable with him, and usually i wouldnt do it with anyone.

    so My gem-man is insecure, heart broken deeply from a long term relationship, and obviously he told me he didnt want to be friends with me, and that he feels that he might not change to into liking me more then what we are doing now, so i asked him are you going with the moto- we are just friends? he said no, then i asked him are we going with the moto- misery loves company? he said always.....which made me laugh it kinda sounded sweet to me.

    over and all he doesnt think he would like me more cos we he believes we have nothing in common just only 10% common that we both have in interest, when I think it kinda sucks to be with someone who has the same exact taste as you with almost everything, but he perfers if any girl he liked to be with would have to have about atleast 75/80% in common with him, so of course im going to try and find a few things i do have in common with him...........I do like him but he doesnt believe that i do, he just thinks im liking him cos of the righ time he came into my life, but i do, and i told him wtf is wrong with u are you blind, he then said you know im to paranoid, and i got my self to attached with my ex, and that he isnt really into having anything with any women, cos his to heart broken, so i get he doesnt want to rush, but I hope he knows I'll always be his company to help him heal his misery.

  • wow..are you okay with that?? then?? he called again..and saw him last a public place..he was actin somehow so I didn't bother..said he was coming over after that..but I just went to sleep...lets be not friends but company?? hmm..sounds like a gem man...they get distant n then close n start all over again..huh??? jus living is what I am doing...not really depending on him for anything...just go for the ride..hahaha...wish u the best of luck..just keep letting him know how you feel maybe he will eventually realize think???

  • Lol, havent got a idea, it was quite a conversation we had, he was bothering me on why i had a change of heart into believe in love, but i realised we agree on the concept of love so i dont know whats his problem, and he kept buggin me about when we meet, and how I thought they way he acted, he seemed kinda shocked that i even liked him cos i didnt show that to him when we saw each other, i feel pissed of, yeah i dont want to rush my self, but right now its pissing me off that i dont know where its exactly going, if im not his friend, then his obiously maybe saving me when he heals, he did tell me he isnt the type of person to be around with now, seen as though he is depressive and i am to, but cos im a libra we can had our emotions well before we explode lol....yeah i will see where it takes me, I guess i would have to tell him how smart, funny and good looking he is. cos he seems upset that i gave him 7/10 on his looks, but i did add he was hansome and cute, which i dont get his problem.

    thanks for the luck, oh and with your gem-man omg his got some issues, do they not get tired of playing this game eff sakes. your very good at the playing hard to get game high five i should take tips im no good at the playing hard to get thing or playing im busy.

  • well I aint giving my heart away that easily the person that does will have to fight and fight for it and be 100% deserving of yup..I just play along or not...I say I will call back n forget too..hmm..thx..maybe it will work..I hate it when men in general open up to you in the beginning and then when u finally get close to them they act all distant and don't wanna talk..etc..well we were good friends..I felt like being sarcastic w/him and say hmm you sure weren't callin me 20x maybe it was one of your others..but...bite my tongue and silence so far so good..I just let him talk and don't say too much..don't reveal too much..course gems like to talk and talk..soo yeh..but I hope it works for not soo much..its just a fling seems like..altho I love his smile and that dimple of his..omg..shh but he doesn't know week will be a challenge but I have some other guy frens I am gonna hang out with and see if he does anything about I know but gotta do what you gotta do..sometimes..

  • Loool joker, yeah I'll do that, but this gem-man doesnt like me that way, he kinda tried to hate me after we didnt speak properly for almost 2 months...great..i guess i have to sugar coat him, and then run away in order for him to chase me and see that i am a good thing.

    how do you find things in common with someone, to ask many questions to name alot of things to mention things i suppose, i dont see the big deal i like people who arent like me at all, yh they can be weird, funny, smart and hansome and i'll love that, unique are great to be around with. so i see him in that way.

    sad thing is its hard to find the a guy in london, no guys around i look and try my best with my outfits and it never works. no guy in sight.

  • I don't think we have too many things in common at all n like u its fine w/me...but he was the one who was willing to find things in common..the things I like to do..but yet I am hesitant about my stuff..ya know..thats not for sharing just going along..with it...the only thing is probably we both like etc but he is a sweet guy..soo yeh...never saw him upset he tries to but can't do it..hahaha..we did have some stuff in common but not anymore..but didn't really

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