Gemini Man taking long to call!!

  • Gems are not soo much into space as not wanting to be rushed into a relationship giving a guy you had a great time with is exactly that, just letting him know you had a good time and are interested in seeing him again. Over analyzing a phone call is investing into the relationship and when he calls you will be reacting to your own investmet in waiting for him to call. Just call and say hi

    keep it fun and casual. The first date is a litle too early to complicate things with hard to get games. He's probalby thinking the same thing you are " I thought we had fun, but she hasn't called, maybe she didn't like me after all" the next line in his mind will be something like "oh well" or "whatever" , you see while you are wonderring why he hasn't called you, there are three or more girls who are calling like crazy, he'll just distract himself with them, indefinately, posibly even permanently.

  • Good points SexyGem. I like youe accessment.

  • Well I texted him and told him I liked his looks on the 2nd day when I never spoke to him, seen as tho he wanted the answer, he answered back "Answer is YES, so I did and told him what I thought of him, he told me he wouldnt be hurt with his looks cos his really confident. and after that he never got back to me, i know his in a bad time with family and not able to find a job and in 2 weeks time his leaving to go for training.

    but thing is I dont think its a good idea to text or call him, I'll break the code of him thinking im not chase, plus seen as tho i said he was handsome and cute, he should know i kinda do like him so he knows where to find him, People you have no idea how badly i want to call him, but im keeping it strong, it makes me confused cos i dont know if i should already hand out my number to this other guy who is a capricorn ...thing is with this new guy i know theres no connection although his sooooo sweet/nice and caring and omg so effing handsome. but although he has all of this I perfer Gem-man, cos he promises lots of things.

    ( at the moment I'm thinking to text him again even tho he should be calling me seeing as tho he has free mins to call me, I read my horscope, it said while I'm talking to him I should discuss future plans)

  • I texted him it sounded caring enough, I just thought whats the worst that could happen so I did it again 11 days later.

  • lol again with our geminian men. Libra everyone is giving you good advices. I am in a similar situation i'm myself a gemini too. Two weeks ago i was suppose to meet up with my gimini guy (we see each other on/off for 2 years now) but i canceled on him asking to meet him the next day. He said he doesn't know he has plans bla bla. The next day he said he is busy and he can't at the end he called me that he changed his mind and wants to come, because it was late he missed the last transport to my house and walked!!! for an hour to get here. Next morning he said we should meet up on tuesday. We didn't he had to work overtime...i was ok fine you gotta do what you gotta do. Didn't hear from him at all the following week i texted at the end and he called me back saying he's been trying to work a lot and bla bla and may be we can see each other tomorrow... So now i'm just sort of waiting for him to call but i won't if he doesn't....The game never ends with them although my guy said he doesn't like games, i'd rather think he's playing coz if that's normal behavior i'm giving up! So get prepared till this day i have no clue. I hope you have better luck 🙂

  • Red-gem omg My gem-man said the same thing i dont like games i speak the truth find someone who is realer then me and I'll give them my car, I did it I actually texted him now well lets just say he hates texting cos well ive seen his fone its crap lol, but he could of still called, trust me this GM thinks his playing a game when he thought he was canceling on so many dates it was only going to be me doing the same but i acted like i was mad which made it more funny cos i could make him feel bad, so when it came to the real day he wanted to meet me i then got ready when really i wasnt lol. cos i knew he was serious.......

  • Hello all,

    I, myself, am a Gemini and a random thought popped into my head that might help explain how Gemini's think. I don't know if there are any twilight fans (I know, its become excessively annoying with the commercials and such) but I wanted to reference one of the character traits of the "vampires" and how I felt I and fellow Gemini's can relate. At one point, Edward explains that his brain is different from Jacob and Bella's (the humans) because he can think of many things at one time, he is, quite easily distracted. Anyone who has read the books will instantly know what I am talking about.

    Its the same for us Gem's. We have a fun, playful and child-like nature and are easily distracted by the "shiny" things around us. I agree with Motherof3200920 and with sexygem. We can get so wrapped up in all the things going on, sometimes we can forget that we said "I'll call you later" and think you said it. So then, we might wait wondering why you haven't called and in the mean time have other "crazy conversations" with people who are calling or giving attention.

    The thing I find strange, is that you are a Libra and Gem's and Libra's are supposedly really great matches. I know its the Libra's nature to think and think again in order to keep those scales in balance, but I would suggest doing your best to not think too much on the Gem. My ex was big on over-analyzing (especially when the topic was "us") and it made things stressful. Its more or less that claustrophobic feeling. We dont like feeling bogged down. We can be in committed relationships and be extremely loyal, but we must feel free.

    So long story short, I say "rock on" with texting him. Now the ball is in his court. Give it a bit of time, but also note, that even with Gemini's and our being distracted there is a point where if he is being excessively inconsiderate, don't put up with it. Its becomes an individual thing and not a sign thing.

  • haven't heard from him either..yet..oh well I thought of texting him cuz he hinted that he had unlimited texting but I dk want that to be a daily thing either...sooo..just moving a good analogy..about the go see it on sat...can't wait..wished it was earlier but other things I have to do...soooo thats why...I read some of the books but not all of em...

  • What you can do is write him a love letter telling him exactly how you feel. Just tell him everything. Gemini men love for you to leave them a love letter telling them just how you feel about them. I would tell him, you know exactly how i feel about you and i dont need to continue to tell you this over and over again. Tell him that you are not going to contact him again, because he knows how you feel and tell him if he wants to talk to you then he can call you. Thats what i did 1 time. And not even a week later he did call. Also put in there that you are not trying to make him do anything he doesnt want to do that you just wanted him to know how you feel and leave it at that. AND DONT CONTACT HIM AT ALL EVER AGAIN. What you have to understand is that if he is not calling you, what makes you think he is going to answer the phone when you call. He probably wont. So like i said leave a letter, e-mail or whatever and leave it at that. Hope this helps!!!

  • well well what do u know just as I replied to this post he talked for a bit...actually he talked I just listened...but he is sounding possessive..he asked if I was at work? I said always and he said no...cuz I went to see you and you weren't there..just replied I was here..don't know what that was all about...asked him if was busy and he said yeh...he sounded all seriousness...soooo jus listened and then he said I'll call you back in 10 he hasn't called yet..oh well...

  • Thats right oh well and that is how you have to act also. Dont let him think or know that you are just waiting around on him, because that will probably push him away further. He does care or he wouldnt call, but Geminis want to know that what you feel is real so that could be a reason why he acts the way he does. Im a gemini and i do the same thing. I want to know that it is real and if i dont feel it then i wont call at all ever again. So he must feel something especially if he does call you at times.

  • yeh...he tries to catch me at something at times..isnt' that when he was a co worker he would come in to the bldg all quiet...and he would all of a sudden appear out of nowhere..etc..and he used to know where he saw me etc etc and I never paid attention to stuff like that...much more aware now..but he would tease about is he there w/you thats why you don't wave etc...he's not so much the playful side today..more serious...he revealed so much to me that and I had also and now..this seeing each other..I don't know...its a wild ride thats for sure..haha..

  • Yeah that kind of sounds like possessiveness to me. I dont know about that. It seems to me he wants to know what your doing, but also that could him also be trying to figure out if you really want him and only him. What is your astro sign?

  • hmmm strange..he used to tell me all about the females who were after him...then he would tell me that he wasnt with them...soooo...I really haven't committed or anything of that sort to him..but he's been fairly sometimes I feel too honest with sign is virgo..8-25...its kinda sorta strange how this all came about..I know a few gem females and they are very competitive towards wonders of wonders...

  • This post is deleted!

  • well everyone thanks for your tips........You wouldnt believe what I did damn it I should ban my self from the phone for good.

    I texted him first this " Gem are you alive?

    him: I am still around just getting ready for convertey ( meaning he was busy)

    me: I called you if you wanted a quick shag b4 you ( omg see thing is I called him and well he left his phone in the car with his friends omg i think they read the text i texted him bk with and this was his reply bk to me)

    him: I was with my boys when you called me and I left my phone in the car, and well I found your text quite distubing.

    me: im sorry well this would be my last text my credit is finish and well i hope ur good not stressed out.

    OMG I really need to stop this, honestly if he doesnt call or ever text me well I would know why, cos I'm being so random and weird...

    Sap-Diamond-- Gosh I hate that, and sad thing is you cant help to be waiting, its like they don care about anyone at all, like do they know what they are doing honestly ah

    Motherof32--- yeah I know I am a libra and his a Gem we should make a perfect match, oh man its cos i am clueless with relationships damn it and i keep breaking the rules.....i just wish he would have cared enough to text me or call me, but no he didnt 12 days and nothing i always made the first move, i need to stop this, im getting a new man who wants my number and who likes me, and when ever gem wants me and shows he wants to be serious i will see. from there honestly dont know what to think.

  • How was the last conversation that you had with him? How long did you all date? Is he dating someone else?

  • Motherof32-- we always talked, before we went our mini date, he wanted a long one like movies,dinner and a conversation...wheres i didnt want that i said i want it quick and fast nothing more, so we talked about 3 hours, and when i wanted to leave he didnt want me to he didnt want t go back home. and he perfered if i was with him, actually he discussed if i would stay with him more hours, but i told him no and that i was busy. we had a good all time.

    hmmm i think its best if i dont like him, and remember the negative things about him and just move on until he ever wants to see me.

  • MizzLibra, just step away for awhile maybe a couple of weeks he will be back. That will give you time to fugure out rather you want to be with him or not. Just step away.

  • Worthy1248-- yeah I am, its gona be hard tho 8 months talking to him, and i honestly think i wont find anyone like him in london, so im just gona have a break.....see what happens then after he gets back, or when he will ever call me. or what ever i'm done now.

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