Gemini Man taking long to call!!

  • Well I'm talking to this Gem-Man, we like each other as so I thought, when we went on our first date when we meet he talked about things he would have liked for us to do in the future, such as being his wifey hinty and being playful also including that he would really loved it if we went on group dating with his friends and for my friends to meet his buddies ( which he has asked many times and I refused but he wouldnt let it go I guess he wants me to meet his friends), and he was very interested in most things I said he was pretty shocked with things I said which made me laugh and he wouldnt let go until i told him which i got the info from lol, he also couldnt let one question go for me to judge on his looks, he repeated this questions more then 5 times, so I guess he was hoping there was attraction with the both of us hoping that i found him atleast be attractive ( he also puts his trust on me on our date i went through his family photos and him telling me girls hardly ever go for him which made me even more attracted to him cute, so far our conversation was top noch I loved it I was so loving it the fact I never been with any guy I felt so comfy with him. at the end I didnt want the date to go longer then 3 hours which so I run of to catch my ride, when he called out "arent you going to give me a huge" which I did of course.

    ( I was just reading about a thread on Gem-men how they love their space...)

    there can only be these certain reasons: ( cos maybe I shouldnt let it go as a big deal cos they love their space and well I put up with up with it for long like 8 months and its been 10 days he hasnt called)

    1. gem-men want their space

    2. he told me he had a long phone bill which he kept hinting to me the 19th that his mins were to come to make free calls ( although he has run over his bill on me which now he cant afford to do it again)

    3. he hates texting

    4. he isnt that much into me

    what ever reason can this gem-man to this to me I like him now which before I didnt but now I've grown into liking him alot, and it would really such if I feel later next week if he doesnt call that they isnt anything between us cos his so different so unique I love it.....pretty much wouldnt want to talk to any other guy its very rare to find that great connection with a man.

  • try calling him

  • Sexygem---I dont think thats a good idea arent gem-men so into having their own space and loving the chase...I dont know if I should be happy and not it was good time we had, and to be positive that he will get back to me, and stop over analyzing and with the paranoia.

  • MizzLibra just take your time, and if you feel like calling give him a call. Just call to say Hey. It's ok.

  • Did he tell you he isnt into you? I think you should act disintrested with him. Not angry, just not intrested. Then watch his crazy gem butt trip over himself trying to figure out what went wrong. I have a gem moon was married to a gem man trust me. I know how flighty they can be. Change their mind over romance over and over again. But if their is something real going for you he wont stay gone too much longer. ( :

  • ok im a sag/virgo/gemini, maybe i can help, it seems that he was very interesting in you, and kept trying to get more out of you but you didnt give in which IS GOOD, i have been chasing a girl for 3 months now, and shes a Libra, and the guy you met seems like a good guy, maybe you played TOO HARD TO GET??? maybe he thought all his efforts were for nothing? like you were unobtainable? he showed all this intereast in you then you didnt show and tell him anything in return? this would drive me away i know for sure, which im sure is how he felt, which im sure he would still have feelings for you but he just kinda gave up trying cause it was never gonna happen, so go ahead, call him, or text him ask him how he has been doing. i think he will answer. hoped this helped, im kinda in a similar situation lol with my libra girl

  • @Mizzlibraz --- I agree with lovinmylife totally !! I have a gemini rising and dated a gemini man for 2 years...don't know what got him hooked onto me for that long though, LoL !! My twin tendencies that show themselves once in a while perhaps?? Geminis are enigmas...correct me if am wrong people :):):)

  • I have to disagree girls!! My on off 20year relationship(his choice obviousl;y) with a gemini is dont get caught up in thier little boy games,ie im a poor soul no one asks me out,im a loner ..bull they are the most outgoing witty charming, when & who! they choose to be the one! havent meet a gemini that isnt outgoing yet mines fits the profile perfectly probably why i still fall after all these years for his crap!! lol bewarned

  • Dear MizzLibraz

    Show some interest. I dated a Gemini man for two years. They love great flirts and they love to flirt. I would text him something that might catch his attention, like something flirty, sexy and innocent. I would not call him; be classy - just a plant a little seed and see how he reacts. Do not come on to strong - otherwise the chase is over. He needs to chase you. They love it. Gemini's love interesting people, and I bet if you catch his interest, he would love to figure you out. Good luck!!

  • Oh have alot to learn about these "GEMINI'S"...they MUST have their space....and they do enjoy flirting....I was committed to one for 16 years......I became possessive and he was ggooonnneeee!!!!! "DON'T CALL HIM....if he's interested he WILL call you....remember...they LOVE the chase....

  • Listen to all the comment they are are very good. But, the main thing with a Gemini man is their SPACE, please allow them to have that. And by on means no POSSESSIVENESS, that would just scare them. But it;s nothing wrong with calling every know and then and leave it at that. But, last I do agree with LOVEMYLIFE. Also make them wonder sometimes it helps.

  • Thanks everyone with the help, it is all confussing Geminis are quite annoying I'm not going to lie, yeah I am libra I like my speace to, but people can only go to far

  • yeh it is they will drive u crazee if u let gem man...calls then nothing and then I see him then he calls etc etc...don't know really exactly where it is going but...I don't get into his space either...its kinda weird cuz we discuss things I never even dreamed of discussing with guys before..I keep thinking he won't call at all...and go about my life and there he is again...sooo I don't know..I know he's interested but...right now...its up to him...

  • Sap-diamond-- OMG, thats exactly how I feel with my gem-man, we talk about almost anything its such a great connection, right he should be calling me in hours time, but he wont its the day he gets free mins, I dont know if I want a relationship like this if this gets way to serious honestly this would bug me quite alot, I get people need their speace, but after awhile you cant honestly think its okay to go away for 2 weeks with out checking up on the person.....

    People it would be so much easy for me if I didnt like him when I didnt before it was so much easier to do...but cos i do like him and he would be my first relationship i would like to aleast see him once a week and at least have one call from him a week and texts. but I pretty much doubt that will happen....he also adds how he wants to get married yeah right the way his going on your suppose to be with family and your wife at all times you cant keep doing that when ever you feel like to.

  • I am a gemini and i am in love with a gemini man. He is exactly the same way. He will go a week or two without calling and then all of the sudden he will call. It is hard because i am in love with him. As soon as i dont think he will call ever again he will call. The next time he calls i am going to ignore it and see where it goes from. I am always available to him when he gets a hair up his rear to call. I dont try to contact him, he knows how i feel and if he doesnt want the love that i want to share with him thats his loss, so what would it hurt for me to do the same thing to him.

  • Yes Motherof3200920, switch it up. Like I said before it's nothing wrong with having them wonder and have them miss you. He'll be back it may even intrigue him.

  • welcome to the club libra...yup you say that but the minute he will want to talk to him flirt w/him a little..yup yup...I just live my life and if he wants to be a apart of it then he knows where to find me or call me etc...I did that first was dying around but now I don't...that sounds good though I'll have to try that..lately he says that my other yeh it musta been the other one...I just play along...n no I am not possessive..he tries hard not get jealous..its kinda will never be bored..of their dual personality..yup..its something else with a gem man...those discussions I tell you are out there...

  • MOTHEROF3200920-- Woow that is really annoying I used to find it easy cos i didnt like him as much, he knew it to and he always wondered if his words and convicning changed the way i felt about him, so I'm in the same place as you I'm on day number 10 no phone call.

    Sap-Diamond-- I really hope it doesnt carry on like this, it would really just piss me of, you seem to be strong I guess I should keep my self busy and what not, I've put it up for awhile waiting on his call's and him getting back to me. wish me luck on this one.

  • good luck and yeh for sure don't be sitting around waiting for his call(s)...he kinda scared me too because he would show up unexpectantly and now he just disappeared..he would say call you later...but when is later..hahaha but yeh just keep from thinking about him...I know its difficult..I haven't given my heart away just seeing where it goes from here...if it doesn't work out...then...oh well...there are others..hopefully they are not gets super serious w/me and wanting to stay w/me etc etc..but right now that is impossible..then he gets all light hearted..teasing..soo I dk..sometimes what he really wants either...this is my first in a long time..surprises...all the dull moments w/this one thats for sure...we were friends first so he knew all about my previous feels weird cuz I would tell him all about my guy friends etc etc..then now this...I feel transparent to him sometimes..we talk about alot of deep things I never thought of even discussing much less a guess this like experimentation phase for me...thats why I just live moment to moment day by day or else I would be going totally crazee...hahaha

  • mizzlibraz-

    I know it can be annoying and i am a gemini myself, and i have done this before myself. Its not that we dont think of you Its just really hard to explain. Thats why i dont take it to heart, because i think alot like him. Geminis are very caring people, but our minds go 90 to nothing and as it may seem like weve forgotten all about you in reality we do think about you alot we just get tied up funny as it may seem, but its the truth. Dont worry he will call,but play hard to get the next time, he sure will be wondering whered it all go wrong?!

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