I keep getting these same cards!! What do they mean??

  • The last couple of days when i do readings for myself I keep getting the same cards which are the Death card, and the 10 of swords which both pretty much mean the end of something and beggining of something else. And I keep getting the 6 0f swords which i think represents some sort of movement. Also I keep getting the 7 of swords which i think is a card of like betrayal or someone doing something sneanky behond my back.

    I would just like some clarity on what is ending or beggining in my life? Or what the 10 of swords and death card is trying to tell me. Also I would like to know what sort of movement is being made in my life or what the the 6 of swords is tryin to tell me and last what the 7 of swords is tryin to tell me.

    Please help and give me clarity on what they are tryin to tell me or if someone could give me their own reading that would be awesome!! Any help would be greatly appreciated! My name is stacy and bday is 4/5/86. thanks!!

  • This post is deleted!

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