• I did a survey on my own and found that a lot of famous people are under only a few signs namely: Aquarius, Virgo, Cancer, Libra and Leo. I wonder why is that?

  • Creativity is under the name I suppose I'm not so lucky with the intelligents but when its creativity and talents I could blow your mind.

    but I will changed having to be a math genius then to have creative side and talent it sucks.

  • I think thay Pisces is tne most creative. I have a sister and friend who is so creative. They are also known to be a people person. They can befriend anyone, and these are friends you'll have for life. But, you will ahve to be careful with them, they can be very sinsitive. They love reading and writging poems and is always on the move. I wish I was bless with that type of personality, they just get along with everybody. They also can hold a conversation forever. Wish I was blessed with that type of personality. I am Aqua, and we get along so well.

  • But I am not as outgoing as they are. You will never get bored with them. They are so cool. I think Aqua are so laid back and will be emotionless sometimes.

  • Interesting thread. I also did some research and according to Biotrends US: The most common signs from most common to least common. Aquarius the least common. No one is sure why exactly because although February is the shortest month, Pisces has the end of the month and it's made up for by giving more days in March. So Aquarius = X or the unknown

    1. Scorpio

    2. Virgo

    3. Gemini

    4. Pisces

    5. Libra

    6. Cancer

    7. Taurus

    8. Capricorn

    9, Aries

    10. Sagittarius

    11. Leo

    12. Aquarius

    According to Forbes the most billionaires are Virgos. According to Wiki & national stats the most common signs in the US are those born in July, Aug & Sept, so Virgos & Leos are most common in the US. The US has more billionaires than any other continent & probably the most actors (most common Leos) as Hollywood seems to be our center or worship these days.

    Wow, this really makes me think. Does anyone have stats for other countries?

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