Pisces man, love him or leave him forever?

  • hi, Im a libra female and have been in a rough relationship with a pisces man for almost 3 years. He has serious problems with being honest with me about seeing his ex wife. it took him a long time to commit to me (about 1 1/2 years) and for about a year now i have been trying to trust him when he says "i tell you when i see her".their relationship hasnt been sexual for a while but he has always snuck behind my back to hang out with her,and sooner or later i find out. well needless to say he was starting to pull back from me considerably,he would only come over or i was able to come over there when i bought food or was making dinner, or we were going out for the night. this upset me because i felt like i was being used.everytime i would bring up something that was bothering me he would ask me "dont do this right now",so i would never be able to discuss our problems with him.needless to say when we went out and had a few drinks i would totally get upset about these things i had to keep to myself. this has started to happen almost everytime we went out and got intoxicated. anyways so this past weekend the same thing happened,then he told me to leave and went to his room to sleep. well i looked in his phone(which if i know hes lying all i have to do is look in there and find out that i am usually right,that hes been seeing his ex)so i saw text messages from the weekend before that she had come over on saturday night. i was furious and picked up his expensive headphones and threw them against the wall 😞 yea the broke into a thousand pieces. he was super mad the next day when he woke up,understandably. after a short angry talk on the phone he said "i will talk to you later" and hung up. I know he loves me but his actions were inexcusable and i wont deal with it anymore(it obviously makes me crazy) and we dont need to be "together". we havent talked for about 4 days.nothing. should i call him? i have a need to discuss things even if i know there is no solution and i dont want to fight, but if he doesnt want to see me ever again i would like some kind of verbal conformation, not just silence. should i leave this pissed off pisces alone? he is usually pretty forgiving but i am afraid he is going to rip me a new one if i try to contact him. or should i just let him come to me? not knowing makes me feel physically ill 😞 help!

  • I guess my title wasnt what i meant. I am not going to stay with this guy but I dont want us to never speak again. we have to much in common and have to much fun together not to be friends. I would just like to initiate this to move along so im not sitting here feeling like this. hes a pisces and he his mad at me, should i contact him first or wait for him to say something to me?

  • if u ask me him seeing his ex wife all the time if he is actually divorced from her or not but u should have never gotten involved with a married man to begin with in my opinion u got what u deserved screwing around with him in the first place it sounds to me like he is still in love with his ex wife very much and get let her go out of his life u need to get rid of him and move on yourself cause he is never going to change for u cause he doesn't really want u especially if he is still talking and seeing her behind your back he will never be honest with u no matter what think about this do u want to end up like his ex wife in the same boat she is in

  • @mel138 --- Tricky but crystal clear!!! Cut all ties with this man for now...i.e., unless he resolves his own issues DO NOT get close no matter what. Pisceans have a knack of being able to get back to people they were once estranged with...Its coz they never let go of anyone completely. Pisces males are much more complicated than pisces females. They can manipulate while seeming submissive and innocent...so beware of what this man wants from you. His ex-wife still being in the picture doesn't give me a very bright account of this guy...Its understandable that you may want to be friends with him after all...I doubt that'd be easy though considering what you two shared with each other. Wish you all the luck and love :):):)

    P.S.- All this comes from a piscean female :):)

  • Pisces men are sterotypically labeled as liars.

    I, myself, am married to one and catch him in white lies all the time. Including about his dealings with his ex girlfriend.

    Basically, we're pretty close to an ultimatum. He needs to cut off the ex or I am leaving.

    You should leave this guy as well. Anyone who spends that much time lying to you doesn't care about you.

    I am learning that now.

  • Oh my! Let this man go as can not let his ex go! it is quite obvious!

  • mel138>>dont do this right now",so i would never be able to discuss our problems with him


  • MEL138>>yea the broke into a thousand pieces. he was super mad the next day when he woke up,understandably. after a short angry talk on the phone he said "i will talk to you later" and hung up. I know he loves me

    Sandran>>>Leave this guy alone.It sounds like he could get physically abusive.My Pisces boyfriend back in high school was very jealous and controlling.And this guy is nothing short of still Being a Piece of SSSSHHHIITT!!

  • Namaste Mel138. I'm wondering which aspects of his character you feel are great qualities of a friend you can count on?

    Right now I sense that your judgment may be clouded by emotion. It's hard to think of not seeing someone again in a 'forever' sense, but I assure you we've all been through that same feeling, experience, and fear. In the end, I'd bet that most of us relinquished our need and desire for that friendship, knowing full well that it would not, could not satisfy.

    Give your self some time to consider what will be best for you down the road. As best you can, be okay with not knowing how anything will be. Sometimes this is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves.

    love and light,


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  • Ahliyah>>> towards mel138>>>Right now I sense that your judgment may be clouded by emotion

    Sandran>>Are you kidding!!!This guy is controlling and sticks out like a sore thumb.And the fact that he keeps going back to his ex wife.Isn't anyone even worried about catching V.D.?

  • Moshiach1

    Sandran712>>I am not doing Tarot.Even if I am on this site.It includes Astrology.Tarot is like fortune telling and that is messing with God and Mother Nature..It's Evil...

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