Aquarians are they really escentric?

  • Llindeloo:

    first of all i love this forum :)...its been very educating... iactually never paid much attention before on zodiacs but i had a relationship with leo-cancer and that didnt work out well and then this one. Now i started to see some patterns..but i have the same question like you said was the guy i was seeing different too? Looks like i never exist for him...its almost 3 weeks i havent heard from why they say that cancer cant let go....?????? looks like he did it pretty easily. I dont know what to tell you about your Indian b/f..i am kinda lost too ...i guess we aquarians go well with ppl who are more open and dont afraid to say what they think..rather than playing some game...i think its easy that way

    i wish you luck 🙂

  • Caps and Aquarians were not meant to be together

    Sandran>>My mom is the Cappy.My brother is an Aquarius.My brother holds things in because my mom talks too much.But, with me I do not tell what I hear.I have told my mom to be quiet in certain situations because I get more personal information than someone would tell her.It's weird.We go to the store..We could talk to the exact same person.A stranger would talk to my mom a little and walk away.I would talk to the stranger and they would talk my ear off.

  • saranee. i'm so sorry you havent heard from your fella either , Its been 4 weeks since i've heard from mine . Looks like we are in the same boat . its so horrible being ignored espically when we havent done anything wrong . I have been totaly faithful to him since i started talking to him 15 months ago . i have not so much as looked at another fella and now he treats me like this . i have sent him two mesages now with no reply . Guess he has fallen in love with the girl his parents have choosen for him . All i want is for him to be honest with me Is that too much to ask for ? . please let me kow if you hear from your fella . i hope you do really I do . Take care xx

  • YES i did lol

    After replaying on this post i immediately went and read your other post. I hope your heart finds peace and happiness soon so that you wont suffer anymore. God bless you!

  • lindieloo>>I was married to a capricorn for 19 years until he passed away at the age of 44.

    Sandran>>I was never married.But, I was with my son's father for 23 years.He died at the age of 42.From a drug overdose.

  • sandran, I am so so sorry for the hurt you must of went through, He obviously had a problem but i'm sure it wasent anything to do with you or yous son's, My husband died from a massive heart attack while on holiday in Corfu, I was not with him but my daughter who was 15 at the time was . That was bad enough but it must of been worse for you . How long ago was this if you don't mind me asking . It's been 15 yrs since my husband died and i still think about him to this day and he would probably be mad at me for fretting over my Indian fella . so maby i should start thinking this way and maby it will help me get over my fella more quickly . God bless you my friend . Hope to hear from you soon xx

  • hello everyone...Aquarius here born Jan. 23, its interesting to me as well to hear of so many say that we are commitment phobic. In fact, I find myself to be like another person stated that when in a relationship I give my everything until there's nothing else to do but give up. That takes a very long time LOL. I can be abrasive, but most of the time I dont mean to be its just giving the truth and we all that saying. I dont like conflict and I'm always routing for the underdog. It use to pain me that I was so different from everyone else with regard to my personality and quirky ways, but now that I'm older I've embraced them and have come to find that I enjoy being "different." I love to socialize and while its easy for me to make friends, its hard for me to keep them once I actually figure out "who" they are...we are very judgemental beings. Maybe not verbally but please believe its in out nature, as we are also constant thinkers. Sometimes I think too much and get on my own nerves LOL

    Well just wanted to share my .02! 🐵

  • waterbearer23. I totally agree with you . I can't stand arguements either , i will walk away rather then get involved , but i will stick up for someone if they are being treated unfairly . I am totally loyal and i love being in the company of my friends who are very important to me, and like you i can be judgemental . I suppose thats just the way we are. I would never deliberately hurt anyone's feelings . And i love being in love .Some times my brain is cabbaged with all the thinking and analizing i do. LOL... Thank you for joining in this discussion . Anymore comments will be welcome . You take care and carry on being you .

  • hey guys, I have read and I yes I can agree to some and no I am not an Aqua, but I liked someone who was. the most surpising thing is the 6th sense, and a vey serene calm and a hidden fiery rage that burst. very capable of reading into b/cm what they think their crushes like or want. maybe u guys can help. aqua really liked me, said I was amazing, I was getting my heart straight from a tirbulent relship with a gem, he knew, and I said I liked him, bt he was going to fast and lol things just froze n got lost from there. he prob didn't think I liked him as much @ 1st, he tried almosty everything to go the nxt step, n I just pressed pause. maybe it was just too soon to jump into another kettle-- i guess I was waiting 2 make sure he wouldn't drop my heart either, but it seems the experianced have learned to say, if it works it does if it doesn't it doesn't--n that just wasn't enough 4me. maybe it's all for the best, if really like some1 u go all out especially knowing they r not all recovered.anyway, so I liked him 2, but i just needed time, plus were both super stuborn, calm vs "ADD" or so I was named. the thing I don't get most--is I feel he likes me/ but i also somehow care about him as a person, and just randomly call him up to c how things r, or if I see somthing that might help him in an add lol. tho i miss him the call is impersonal, a virgin trait):

    anyway, i don't know what's wrong with me, i feel like I can help him, I see so much in him and he is just down, low spirts, I think that's y i really just wanted to help him cheer up, and just be his friend, what i don't get is he won't let me. he used to call bck if i did, not anymore--a little rude, but I am even dumber. I know I prob look like very desperate, but the weird thing is I like him, we r 2 stborn and yet I just want to be his friend--and's annoying.arhhh any insight besdies the guy just wants to move on. y no to a friend.ehhh comments if anyone has anyclues.tnx

  • Waterbearer & llindieloo, and all others!

    I do feel "cabbaged" (love that expression! Will credit you when i use it in future!) by my mental torture. I recently met another aqua, Feb 5 ( I am feb 4, 1970,6:22 AM, Ottawa ON, Canada) and she also is tortured at times, that her uniqueness, her foresight and insight can get her into social expulsions. I have too. Its hard being so darn wise, fair, witty, logical, spontaneous..well you know it. I am only just staring to get it, and it will depress me less and less in the future I think.

    How many of you aquas ahve had relations with a Virgo? Are there any nice stories out there?

    I think I did all I could, but it now remains in his hands, and although I am open to him coming to me with a new leaf, I doubt he will, so I think I have to move on now. I am afraid though once I decide that, and get out there again, and date others, I will get over him...

    I'm ready to stop the bad behaviour from him, but not him. Wah.

    Here is a post I put in the Virgo section:

    Hi there beautiful, perfect Virgos!

    I am an Aquarius sun, Cappy ascendant, Moon Cappy, Venus Aqua 1st house, Mars Aries.

    My beautiful man: Virgo sun, Ascendant Leo/Scorp(don't know his time of birth), moon Pisces if am/pm.

    He is the hardest worker in his company, tall, slim, strong, gentle, soft spoken, deep, emotional, sensitive, tries to improve everything, smooth things out

    I had to walk away for the last time last weekend.

    He said in the beginning (after leaving in a huff 2 times from his house where I went every weekend..always because he never seemed to make room for me, or consider me in normal ways(before I began my new found passion of researching Virgo!) that he didn't see us getting married.

    Now, almost 2 years later, he still sees it "not working out" but he agrees we have a great time together, and he has changed little things, drinks alot less, sees less of an evil woman friend, gives me attion more, but still does not want to come to my city, or change his social plans and he tells his friends we are just friends.

    I have read that Vigos plan everything. Can he plan things not to work out?

    Now that I have educated him on his Virgoness (he is amazed and I think relieved) and my Aqua/cappy mix, (I think he started to accept things, especially the great traits I have) he says I am amazing, patient, loving, smart etc., but doesn't want to hurt me by holding back all the time, even though he doesn't want to hold back. Something for him is missing. He doesn't have the "in love feeling" he thinks he is supposed to have.

    I told him lust is not forever, and love is something two people work at together, building together by making a consious effort, giving time, words, commitment. He has never comitted to anything. Every one of his relationships ended as ours is, at the time the woman needs more effort from him. He has never had to find a job (farmer) or a house (50 yr old bachelor living in the family home), girls have always come to him, and either have left him, or his family have literally chased them away (they have tried to do that to me too which makes me the 3rd.).

    I know he is afraid of the unknown, he admits it too.

    I told him that one day, he'll have to realise that perfection does not exist, that a flower needs water, sun to grow. Our seed is there, but I need him to make plans with me, spend a special weekend with me, make an effort (I have made all the sacrifices, compromise..I said that is my job, and his is to do it his way...I understand that, but I need him to understand my needs too).

    I told him he will have to accept someone one day "as good as I'm going to get" like I have with him. I can't imagine anyone better, and so I am determined. He admitted he is always thinking something better exists out there with everything, and that is wrong.

    He looked so so hurt and troubled when I said this has to be the last time I leave, its too hard. He said, "you mean to my house, or to the countryside too?" I said I couldn't know that. I made it very clear to him its not what I wanted, and he said, "You don't want this" I said NO! But he still did not make any ideas. We spent our last night in bed together( he wanted to) and he said "I wish it could all be as easy as this."

    Does anyone have anything to say? I love him so much but its so hard to deal with his unwillingness to spend anytime in my house, life, or ask me for some time alone.He is so very social, and his group of friends have such a part in his life, which is fine, but he's not willing to expand it seems.

    He has been on a dating phone site twice, when we have had a "fight" and I asked him what he expects he'll do with this new girl. I think he'll want it to be a private affair, not involving anyone for the sake of gossip. I made the biggest mistake by asking his friends for help, when the seemed so keen to know details etc. I trusted them to be honest, but it just fed the gossip wheel, and they now want me gone. It doesn't bother me, and he thinks it is very wrong of them to be so mean to me, and to gossip. I told him he should have not confused them with the message that we wern't an item, and perhaps they would have been more supportive. He agreed that he confused them, and me.

    Any advice from any Virgos?

    I'd love to say I want us to work, but I think love takes 2 to tango...

    I will stick to my guns and stay away (2 hour drive to his place, but I have an art studio I set up nearby him...for my own space...for safety, and creativity) for my own sanity, but if you think we have a shot, I'll wait around in my heart, instead of trying to forget him.

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