Aquarians are they really escentric?

  • Astrodame. as you said you are fed up with cancers always getting a say on here . so as I am an aquarian I thought we could focus on them for a change . Well they say we don't like committment , we are detached , can be very distant and stubburn .etc. Well i think thats a load of rubbish . As you will have read on other treads espically with cancer's SORRY ! They are the one's.who come under this catagory. When I meet someone I know instantly wheather i am going to like them or not , and when i fall in love I do with all my heart and will do anything for that person . WE are humanitariens and like to look after people espically the sick . I myself work in a care home for the elderly and i love it . We will also defend if people are treated unfairly . I would rather give than receive they also say we are more career orientated Well i tell you what if I had enoght money or a rich fella to keep me my career would be the last thing on my mind lol . Anyway we will se how this topic goes . It might be interesting ?

  • those are pretty awesome qualities πŸ˜„

    i am a cap and i was and still am in love with an aquarian. This person has someone else who i think she loves very much. It breaks my heart but what am i going to do. I have been having a crush on this person for almost a year. what a pain. i think aquarians are awesome peaple! i have friend who is an aquarian aswell and he's so fun to hang out with. i just love my friend XD

  • lindielloo>>Well they say we don't like committment , we are detached , can be very distant and stubburn .etc. Well i think thats a load of rubbish

    Sandran>>I have to disagree.My brother is Aquarius.His wife is also Aquarius.I am closer to the Aquarius brother than I am the Saggitarius brother.I have a nephew that is a Cancer.But, No one else in the family is with my sign.and I feel lost because no where to turn.I do believe Aquarius is detached,live for the moment instead of falling back in the past.They are real big on being stubborn.And my brother scares me when he is mad.He has a temper.But, I am more scared of the Sag brother.Their tempers are more fiery..LOL

  • sandran 712. maby aquarian makes are more stubborn than the females , I am very soft and it takes alot to get me mad ., but when i do , you'd better watch out . lol

  • suncappygirl. yes i agree I was married to a capricorn for 19 years until he passed away at the age of 44. we had our up and downs but i can guarantee we never would of split up cause he loved me and our children and i know he would of never given up his kids for nobody . so hang in there girl you never know . The one you love might realise it one day ?....

  • Llindieloo, I too am Aqua and they we known to be very stubborn which I do agree. I just don't agree on the detect part of it. I love to be in love I love commitment. I consider us to be very Unique. We have this certai thing where we just know certain things. It is so natural fot us to have this special knowing. UNIQUE.......

  • Lindieloo:

    I am an aqua...and i totally agree with you. When i meet some one i know at the first day if i will like them or not...once i am in a relationship i will never give up till i know that i tried my best and i dont have regret anymore if that does not work. I dont quit in half way...i like to see the end. And if i see its not working no matter what.. i will be honest with them instead of playing disappearing game(Cancer)lol..or any other game...but then i take little while to make up my mind but once i did...i dont look back...probably thats why they call stuborn...

  • lindleloo

    not trying to defend anybody of any sign

    I'm just saying that each person personality is comprised of a lot of things

    sun sign is only one of so many, it's only one planet in birth chart for example

    so if you get detailed birth chart you will come close to understanding but then again until you really know the person you can't really tell

    I've known weirdo aqua males, and I've known very affectionate ones although unfortunately they are in relationships and I ended up with the weirdo ones LOL

    anyway I guess I am meant to be with a Cap and been married for almost 9 yrs I have to say I never been in so secure of a relationship

    of course then there are some ass holes Caps too, at least some people mentioned them here

    oh well Leos have been bashed somewhere too πŸ™‚

    I've done my share of spouting anger here but I realize how wrong I was since the past is the past and they will stay there

  • lindyloo i have to agree with you about aquarians . My BFF is one and she has a huge heart. She is an RN and works her asss off taking care of her patience. She is extremely intelligent and so beautiful to. If I was a man I would be walking her down the isle myself. She never has a lack in the love dept either. she demands respect and wow does she get it!!! I love you aquarius people nevr had issues with one. One of my first boyfriends was aquarius too and he was very devoted to me as young as we were. He says he still loves me too. SO sweet. ( ;

  • lindleloo

    Thank u 4 your words πŸ˜„

    That's incredible! I thought Caps and Aquarians were not meant to be together. That's why I was kinda disappointed when i found out that her sign was aquarius. I guess astrology is sometimes wrong. πŸ˜„

  • suncappygirl. I do love my cancer b/f , but nothing can ever take away the love i had for my husband , When he died Iendedup in hospital gor 5 weeks with a break down .It took me a good year to to get back to some sort of reality . Eventually i met this guy he was a scorpio , we got on great at the begining but then he became very possessive and i couldent handle this so we broke up . Then i bumped into someone who i knew from before and we started seeing one another he was a libra , suppose to be very compatable , We got married and it only lasted just over a year as he to was possessive . then i met my cancer fella . If you read the treads on cancer men you will see my story and it is quite heartbreaking . Thank you for your support and i hope we keep in touch .xx

  • suncappygirl The tread is called . Have i lost my cancer b/f for good .

  • @llindieloo --- Thanks πŸ™‚ Love the change for sure!! Well, my mom's an aquarius and two of my guys (including the current 'cancer') have had their moons in aquarius and that has given me the chance to study the 'waterbearer' traits a li'l closely. I would totally go with what you've written on here... Aquarians are often accused of not being good friends coz they don't react in an emotional way to people/situations like most of us do!! At the same time, I REALLY wouldn't agree with anyone when they say Aquarians are shy of commitment...Hello?? Aquarius gives you a settled mind and a very rational but detached about commitment, I know for sure that Aquarians are definetly NOT commitment phobic...lets leave that part for cancers please, LoL. Aquarians are called 'eccentric' coz of the uniqueness they have in their thought process...they are usually found behind the scenes and are 'different'. One interesting thing I'd like to share on here : Most of the aquarians I've met/known have got very 'wiry' 'rough' hair texture...Don't know if its something to look out for in every aquarius person though! And hey llindieloo...hows it goin with ya chica? Heard from ur old cancer? And met up with the new one? Just curious...hope things are better at ur end :):)

  • I love each sign for everything new they teach me btw...And I love all the people on here as well.

    WE ROCK PEOPLE...the support we lend to one another even when we are 'strangers' otherwise...THIS IS HUMANITARIAN...irrespective of our signs, cultures and even countries...!!!

  • Hi my friend . How are you? U been away on your hols? lucky you .. I totaly agree with your comments . We are the humanitarian signs of the zodiac. I just love helping people, It gives me great satisfaction knowing i have made a difference in their lives . Not sure about the HAIR theory , My hair is very fine and flyaway. but are you refering to men more than women? And as for my cancer fella ...Not a word . And my new guy , I know he is havingtrouble logging on to the internet .The last time i spoke to him which is well over a week ago, he said he was going to get his laptop repaired so i guess thats whats happening. So not really having much luck in the love department . Story of my life lol... I will keep you informed of any outcomes.. xx

  • saranee. hey how are you ? Yes like you i give 100% of me and i will not give up either . i love being in love and that is why it's so hard for me to give up with regard to my Indian b/f. until i know wheather he had got married or not then i will not believe he has moved on and has completely banished me from his life . They say on here that cancers can't let go . Is my fella diferent ?

  • worthy>> I agree we are very Unique and i do sense thing s before they happen . Pity I dont know what my cancer b/f is up too . LoL...

  • And yes we ROCK and i am so greatfull for the lovely people I have met on here as well . aquarian. do like friendship and i know i have lovely friends on here. thank you all for the support and understanding espically regarding my Indian b/f god bless you xx

  • I am so sorry for your lost. I don't know what to say. It looks like sign capability sometimes doesn’t work. Like people say "opposites attract" πŸ˜„ I think that being different from someone else helps you learn more about yourself and also helps you incorporate new traits and to unlock a new little world within that special one. I will definitely read you post. I wish you very much luck in your life and I hope that you find the right person who can give you all the love and happiness you deserve.

    Love, happiness, peace and harmony to all the tarot community!

    AND YES! We all ROCK πŸ˜„

  • suncappygirl . You have already read my post as you have commented on it . i'm theone with the Indian cancer fella lol . Did you not recognise my name?

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