To my dearest friend in this world

  • dear jackie,

    how are you! is everything ok? are you still busy recently?

    it has been a long time since i sent you email in the last year.but god knows however the days go by,i'll bear you in mind and cherish our great friendship forever.

    oh,do you remerber? i've ever told you i suffered the shameless betrayal of my pre-webboyfriend who was down and out at first, later got a rather good job dramatically in shenzhen. what's more,he was lucky enough to travel in foreigh countries such as india,Bangladesh,etc as an oral english translater, running rampant for a time. it's he who brought down my sacred love with a smash and destroyed my belief ruthlessly, meanwhile troubles from my job also came one after another. fate plays a big joke on me,forming a sharp contrast between he and me. all these attackes made me nearly go mad to death. i think no language in the world has power to describe my agonies.

    how dark and desperate the life without love is! in the past year my whole soul must be firmly sealed by the cold and heavy ice! even so to speak,i turned into a body without a soul,a thing without thought. because i find i even can't pluck up my spirit to write to you--my dearest gentleman in this world who bestowed ecstasy ,boundless happiness and warmness and a modern fairy tale on me! thanks to english and internet! and above all,let me give the credit to the "internet" again!

    i never forget your words of comfort:" there are many things in the future waiting for you,you never is 80% attitude and live with passion. remember the good ones and forgot the bad ones." but it's a pity i still can't control myself, the hatred and indignate sense of lovesickness and being forsaken grabbed me and overwhelmed me . "where is wayout? ?"was my cry in countless sleepless nights. evidently in front of me is a dead end.

    apart from the short material life in my place, maybe you can't imagine how one's thought is kept in custody of chinese traditional culture and system. only god knows how isolated and painful and helpless it is! it's just the reason why i'm so jealous of my boyfriend knowing the fact of his going abroad.i think i'm about to die! once a time,he and i were in the same boat and dream, and he was heavily in debt,more miserable than me.just as he said," he was a person without money,without work and without youth." god knows i have every sympathy for him. now the result is that he has his wish fulfilled , mercilessly leaving me the desert of heart,even looking down on me who is as poor as ever. on thinking of this, i can't help being so angry as to burst into bouts of cough.

    oh, i think God must hear the wordless shout of my soul! otherwise i'm really about to die,i really lose the courage of going on my life in the world of loving wasteland. however,thank goodness! in that very memont the "Amway" approaches to me,taking a magnificant turn of my idea.

    i guess you must know about amway(american way),ok? "The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan is a low risk, low start-up cost business opportunity that is open to everyone. It allows you to build your business through retailing products and sponsoring other people who, in turn, can retail products and offer the business opportunity to others. By passing your sales and marketing knowledge to your developing team, you not only build your own business network but also enable others to build one of their own." (cited in amway web)isn't it very wonderful? and the system about its reward allocation is more attractive, which makes me realize a truth with a sudden snap.

    why did my vile preboyfriend always want to make money in speculation in stock at the risk of martgaging his house and incurring large debts instead of giving up? now i finally have the answer. definitely stock investment belongs to an act of financing rather than pure gambling. but at that time i couldn't understand his crazy behavior. i abhorred his stubbornness of investing stock in spite of appreciating his perseverence of learning english. of course he has ever indeed made a windfall from stock in his 20's. yet i owe his brief golden days to sheer objective fortune but not his subjective effort. now i have to confess it is a pity i deny and reject blindly the stock on the condition that i don't know what it is exactly just like a narrow-minded person.

    sometimes i suppose the Amway culture represents a kind of American culture , (its name amway is the abbreviation of " america way "itself")advocating individuality holds active position. maybe this is just the difference of capitalism and so-called socialism. at present in china all trades and professions have been involved in the trend of Amway such as govenment officials , scholars , bosses, workers and peasants, etc. last time the grand appearance and warm atmosphere of amway meeting in zhengzhou ( henan provincial capital)strongly shook my depressed and dying soul. i'd like to stretch out my arms to embrace the man's world again! it's strange that amway has been in china for more than 10 years,unexpectedly i've never heard of it before! it's said in USA the president elder Bush is also engaged in amway,ok?

    p.s. have you heard of cosway (it's said in the worldwide it's one of few network companies without region and country limitation come from malaysia) similar to Amway & Quixtar?

    i will never forget the beautiful modern myth you offered me by means of the internet. one of cosway collegue has a motto :" pass the love and confidence on,you are a magical yourself." maybe the new era of internet is coming in china! oh, pardon me not to send my regards to you for so long a time due to my langour! but you must know you are engraved in my heart!

    best wishes to you! god bless us! my dearest friend and gentleman in this world

    yours sincerely

    the girl who you've ever given boundless happiness

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