Planetary Personalities

  • Hi;

    I found this guide regarding describing men using planets and I have some questions.

    Mars People

    "To win their heart, play hard to get -- Martians love a challenge, so let them take the lead in love. They'll also appreciate spunk, so stay motivated and enthusiastic in your own life or you'll drag them down -- or worse, bore them.

    Get as healthy and fit as possible as they'll want to be on the go constantly. Be up for anything; every day will bring a new, spontaneous experience.

    Never make them wrong or tell them what to do, or you'll find them quickly out the door and on to their next adventure without you."

    I cannot express how disturbed I am by this text...

    Who will ever want to date someone like this...?? Sounds to me like a man that is looking for a SLAVE or a SERVANT not a DATE!

    Play hard to get??? .. Love is NOT a game.. sorry you either feel it or you don't!

    Sorry.. if I met my soulmate.. or someone I really like BOREDOM will be the last thing either of us will feel.. (OR FELT)!

    Weight IS and SHOULD BE a personal choice for a WOMAN TO MAKE. This is NOT a man's decision!!! What kind of man will be so shallow to base his feelings for someone on WEIGHT?? A very shallow one.. I want to be loved for me not for my body.. IF the only thing he cares is the woman's body, then he can go to Hooters..

    "Never make them wrong or tell them what to do"...

    are we back to the Dark Ages??? Hello.. men are just humans so they are NOT perfect... and they should do what they are being asked... to show their appreciation of the woman's attention. What happened with courtesy?? If a man is man enough he will not mind taking orders from a woman.. if that makes her happy.

    Please Help.. I want other women opinion..

    I could NEVER DATE a man like this... Thanks GOD all the men I dated were nothing like this...

    They were romantic, kind.. doing everything to make me happy.. I always picked the place where I wanted to go on a date..they just took me there... and they always appreciated that I picked them over other guys..

    There was NEVER a HARD TO GET game... I only dated someone I had enough chemistry with that there was NO need to do that... We are just happy to see each other and get busy..we had places to go, things to do.. including having sex on the beach..or in the car.. or at the airport..

    That is a ridiculous game.. and YES I had men waiting for me..thinking I was playing hard to get.. BUT as they found out.. I do not do that.. If nothing happened is because I was NOT interested.. Simple..

    I just wanted to know if is just me..

    Please tell me how you feel about this.

  • I agree with you! you would be at their beck and call. No way! I am too independent and love life too much. I like the old fashioned way men respect women. We give it right back!

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