I think I'm goin to lose my sanity....HELP

  • I posted in love and relationships about my problem, but i'm deserately needing help like yesterday. Harold and I both said we believed it was fate and destiny that we met. we were making plans on our lives together, and even set a wedding date...may 15th 2010. He told me he had a stroke, i believe its cuz the loss of his aunt. anyhow, i havent heard from him since Nov.13th 2009 and i dont know what to do or think. it's like he dropped off the face of the earth. there is so much more to this story, but I feel like he doesnt want me, and is avoiding me. then at othre times i feel like there is something seriously wrong with him....i got a terrible gut wrenching feeling nov. 14th at 6:30pm. i have left numorous off lines, emails, everything. Please i dont know what to do, if he is done with me, if he is alright, nothing. My name is Angela Marie (Christy) Wise My birthdate is July 4th 1977 and was born at 3:15am. His name is Harold Don Riley JR His birthdate is Aug 12th 1970. Should I tell everyone the wedding is off, does he still want to continue our lives together, are we goin to still get married?? So many questions and I cant handle it. Thank you for any help i may get. The pics are of him and I

  • I saw your post, and didn't want you to feel so desperate and all alone. There are so many who want to help. I'm sure you'll get a response soon.


  • Bump!

    Can anyone help with this?

  • emereaux>> Thank you

  • Wenchie>> I hope so....I havent got any good rest since this has started. What do you mean bump?

  • Just wanting to bump it back up to the top for you to bring attention to the post for you so that hopefully someone else can give you some insight.

  • Hurt 77,

    You're welcome! and I hope things are better today. - I don't have a real clear picture - other than a feeling that things will clear themselves up soon, regardless of the action you take. I don't know if it will be what you're hoping for or what you're afraid of. But right now, the feeling I get is of waiting. That's all I have - no doubt there is someone else who can give you a more specific reading, but if I get anything else, I will post it as soon as I can.


  • Hurt77,

    I agree with emereaux...I feel like you will know what's going on soon but you need to get control of yourself, as hard as that seems right now. I also feel like there is definitely more here than meets the eye. He IS ok, nothing has happened to him that should cause you to panic. Things will become clearer soon. I will keep trying and, with emereaux on the case,you have a wonderful friend.

    Center yourself and calm down. It may be that its hard for me to read anything because I'm feeling YOU more than him. Also, it feels like you're getting a bit angry and that's normal. But breathe deeply and try not to let your mind run all over place. I say all this knowing its like telling you to sprout wings and fly, but just try to get calmer.

    Light and blessings

  • thank you guys soooo much! you two were right.... I found out tonight.....he didnt even care that he broke my heart. No feelings but anger cuz he got busted. I dont understand how they could have no remorse. I feel like i'm destined to either be alone or unhappy. I guess it's better then gettin hurt though.

  • Dear Hurt77,

    sending you a bear hug and lots of love and strength. You're not destined to be alone or unhappy (too pretty for that!!) but I really feel your pain. Or rather disillusionment, because you were in love with the guy, but not his true side. on the other hand, it is good because he showed his true self now, not when you're married with couple of kids.... Don't try to figure out why people do these kind of things like he did, because to me it's too sick to understand...be kind to yourself and allow yourself sometime of doing nothing - sort of internal recuperation - you will be ok although at this moment it's hard for you to believe, but I promise!!


  • Thank you.... I found out cuz I actually got a call from the girlfriend he said he broke up with.. he tried puttin it all on me. After she called him and put us on 3way, he was such an ass to me, but she already knows. My heart sunk so low, and when it was all said and done, I laid there and just balled. I'm glad I did finally find out and although that was what I was dreading to find out, at least I'm at peace in the fact that I know that he is alright. Through all of this though I still love him, and it kills me. He just put a iron wall so high up around my heart I dont know if i can let anyone in ever. not all the way anyhow. I . But once again.....thank you so much for the hug N kiss

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