Job Opportunity

  • A company that I applied for just called and asked to set up a skype interview. Can anyone pick up anything on this? Would it be a good opportunity?

  • Could be 🙂

    What's their logo look like?

  • Hi Cris,

    Their logo is Gray with a large I and then two words next to it one under the other.

  • Hmmm, am casting my memory back to how I described the logo to you in that other reading. I think I did get something about one larger letter, then smaller ones near it. And I'm sure I got the colour red in there somewhere, but can't remember ... just wondering, y'know :)) Gonna pop in and have a look at that old reading and see what I can see ...

  • Here's what I'd described copied and pasted:

    "I do feel that your work is where you need to focus on the most at the moment and that the change you undergo will put you where you're meant to be. As to the company name, I keep getting something like BHP or similar. Could be the name displayed on their logo and/or office front may be a capital B followed by lower case initials with the possibility of the last one being capital also. Could also be red/orange writing in a sort of thin, script style. Not totally sure here, but ... that's what I get"

    Not quite what you describe, but sorta!! Not saying the above is what you should wait for either; go with your gut feeling on this. Remember, your gut feelings have served you well most of the time ... 🙂

  • Thanks Cris. How have you been?

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