Dear Friends

  • Healinwater,

    I was so incredibly touched and moved by your message, I can barely express it. I thank you and sincerely look forward to walking together on the path of self discovery and healing. Please DO contact me an let's see what we can do with this very unkind blow in life, as friends and co travelers in this sometimes difficult, sometimes achingly beautiful journey.

    I'm so happy to know that you have begun to heal and so has your marriage. You did the right thing not answering his call. I'm getting some very strong messages for you but I'm also being told to wait a bit. So know that you are not alone or going to have to do this without help. I'm a little raw tonight, but I will put myself back together and be back tomorrow.

    Thank you again.

    Love and light

  • Good morning ladies!

    I on on the site to get love and light by reading the wonderful posts.

    I need it right now. I am in financial ruin and trying to stay postive and see the bright side and let this pass.

    Love & Light to all!

  • SoapMaker, I have read a lot of postings where you have offered heart felt advice, that I myself have found useful, Thank You..

    SoapMaker, I'd like to offer up my prayers for you to Remain Strong, and that you Be Granted a Speedy Financial Recovery, for this too shall pass.

    Peace, Love & Light.

  • Healing Water you are so sweet! I am so glad any insights I shared have helped you in such a way that brings you peace. It is anhonor for me to do so.

    Thank you so much for your prayer. I stay strong in faith.

    Hugs & Blessings to you

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