Gemini Woman & Leo Man

  • What should a Gemini Gal do to capture her Leo Mans heart. He plays really hard to get, sometimes plays full arrogance but I know he has to somewhat care for me. I really feel I am the best girl for him. They say Gemini's never feel like this but whats a girl to do? I really loved this boy for three years. We never went out but we used to talk., we would stop talking and start back. I'm so jaded, I need help peoples? Should I just move on, theres other men waiting for me to make my decision but every time I'm with someone I compare them to him & all the things I love about him and they ussally fall short.

  • Are you in love with could be or a vision. How often do you guys talk. Does he acknowledge at any time or does he even make it sem like he's interested. If not just move on.

  • We talk every now and then because I moved from next door to him. I have friends next door so i go over there a lot and see him. I really think I should talk to him alone one day. I seen him recently and he told me he might be leaving to the marines in Jan or Apr, for 4-6 yrs. I really just wanna try to make the most of the time hes going to have here. I'm so sad and if I just let him leave without really letting him know how I feel I couldn't live with it. Thanks 4 your help worthy1248

  • you should. talk to him alone I mean. if you dare it, kiss him when you are alone.

    you will get your answer soon after. if he is interested, I think you know what will happen.

    if he is not, at least you know, right? then you can move on with one of the other guys.

    or go it the slow and long way, write a letter and make sure he gets it, then wait for respond.

    don't write a poetry. if you must, a short one, not too flowery. or else be direct but sweet.

    leo man wants a woman, not a girl. don't be afraid to show off a bit of skin and dress tight, don't overdo make up. moisturizer is the key. he can't ignore shiny healthy skin. especially your lips. not too slutty because he will think you have been in many beds and so you're only good for 1 night. if you can keep his eyes on you, getting him to be alone with you is very easy.

  • Thank you leoscorpion! Those are REALLY great ideas! We've kissed 2 times and he's always engaged it but it would be something new and exciting if i were to kiss him. I'd seem confident which I'm not fully but I'm down for it .He told me he wants a woman not a girl when we were having a conversation about what he was looking for. I'm always making poems but I'm going to be more direct in them or send both a letter and short poem.Grown and sexy is the way to go. I'm sure he will like my new look and ill be in his arms by nightfall.

  • you go girl!

  • Update: After 5 yrs of lovin this boy i went to his house yesterday just to say hi and now we are talking and seeing if we could be something more! im so happy, he's always had my <3. its mostly my mom puttin me out there but i just had to tell him straight up even tho i had a million butterflies in my stomach 🙂 but thanx leoscorpion because your words also helped a bunch!

  • grats and enjoy it !

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