I'm Completely Distraught

  • hurt77>>we are less then 12 hrs away from each other. How are you and your son doin? I hope all is going well for ya all. I'm prayin for ya .....Health and strength

    Sandran712>>Had problems with his seizures,They are being managed right now.Maybe this guy will come to his senses and meet you.That distance is quite long.But, not impossible.My dad came from 10 states away when he met my mom years ago.My son's teacher met a guy on the internet years ago.Known him a few months and got married.The distance was Ohio and Colorado.I went to the wedding.You just have to keep the lines of communication open.Wish you luck and nice to hear from you..

  • Sandran>> I'm so glad top hear that it's getting managed and is under control right now...So awesome! Keep ur head up, as i know u are a strong person.

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