I'm Completely Distraught

  • Libraslair>>> "auditioning & eliminating" sounds much better that "bad luck in dating" thanks!! and I did find a diamond so even though dating was just awful sometimes, the journey was worth it.

    Hurt>> you inspire me. Truely you do. To of been able to talk to the "other women" must of been so difficult. Even more difficult, to wish them well and do it with love in your heart. I jusy have to believe that wonderful things are in your near future. Well, thats what my cards say for ya!!

    leoscorpion>>> Beautiful words as always.

    ta-ta 4 now!!! ~ Wendy

  • thanks Wendy

    I hope not making hurt77 bored reading my post again and again

    just sharing because I went through similar to many wrote here

    off for my ritual, take care all

  • Leoscorpion>> Bored!? With your posts! Are you crazy? I'm pretty confident that I can speak for anyone who reads your posts and honestly tell you that they are far from boring!! Have you ever thought of writing a book? Or are you published? If so, please tell me what to look for or where I can find it.

    Hurt77>> I'm sorry to have taken the focus off you. However, you brought us all together and for that I would like to thank you.

  • wendy

    as for now I am not knowledgeable enough to write a book

    when the time comes the universe will send me to write one

    I am in need to live in anonymity as for now

    can't say why, but I need to for the time being

    bye now take care and thanks for being so supportive of my post

    may the universe shares you all its abundance

    those of you in need and those of you who devote yourselves for the good of all

  • Leoscorpion>> I guess, in the meantime, you can use the abundance of knowledge you have to continue to help/share with others. Thank you - just doesn't seem like big enough words to say to you, for you have helped me more than you know. (or do you know?) LOL

    Leo & other;

    May all the blessing you bestow on others, came back unto you ~ Wendy

  • wendy I'm glad I have helped

    hope you will share what you have learned to other people here too

    take care now. going off.

  • Leoscorpion>>> I have put what i've learned into actions already. I got very positive fed back too. Your right, making the change is not easy, and I have slipped a little (one time a lot, my poor husband) however, focusing on the more positive things has made me more relaxed, happy,(so much more) and those close to have noticed. I'm sharing by example. Little by little its getting easier. Thanks again.

    Hurt77>>> I'm sorry!! (To have taken the focus off you - again) Please let us know where you are at with things. How did your son take the news? Is he somewhat happy to have you all to his self again? Was it hard for him to share you/your time with someone else? I ask not to be nosy, but because my daughter had a very hard time dealing with 'another' in our life. I could only image a son would be more protective. During my "dating era" I never intruduced any of my boyfriends to my daughter. Do you think that made it harder on her to see me with a man?

    Love and Light ~ wendykaye

  • wendy

    if only many people are like you, walk their talks

    I wish many blessings come your way in return to your positivity that supports love and therefore life

    in fact I don't have to wish it. It has already begun šŸ™‚ take care now

    hope the best for everyone including hurt77 and her family.

  • im sorry i have been outof the loop for a min....collecting my self and thoughts šŸ™‚ I have read evey ones posts...and i'm still overwhelmed by ya all's warmth, compassion, and friendship. ya all are great! My son is alright with what is goin on...he doesn't believe anyone is good enough for his mom. He is just mad that he hurt me. But extra loving.... šŸ™‚ For the record, I could never get bored with anything that is posted...it lifts my spirits and finds me at peace. Ya all have very amazing stories and lessons to share. Im glad i help others as well, it makes me feel good to know that I can contribute in someway. šŸ˜‰ Bless ya all!

  • Hurt>>> I couldn't agree more. There is some of the most amazing people here. I'm so happy to have found this site, as well as, all of you. There's so much badness/ugliness in the world (online) and I'm forever greatful that there are still some places where good people can go to give love, friendship, honesty etc... and receive it, for no reason or agenda! I'm sorry that you got hurt the way you did, however, you brought us together, and some much goodness came of it. I guess if you look hard enough there is always a silver lining. Thank you Hurt77 for bringing us together.

    Leoscorpion>>> A Huge Thanks to You, and for your blessings to......May all that you give reflect back onto you as well. Your kind words will be at my side as I continue my walk.

    Many blessings to all; Love and Light ~ Wendy

  • I have the gut feeling something is wrong. You will know soon enough.

  • Hurt77, I wish that I had some words of wisdom, but being new here, I am still learning. It does sound as if you have had some great advice already. I would say this, if your gut is telling you to reach out, then perhaps try posting on Craigslist Missed Connections in the town he went to, putting his name and picture there. I have had some experience finding 'deadbeat' dads for friends, if you would like some help, I'd be glad to do what I can. My only thought is that with people trying to get dresses and you spending money on the wedding and such, that you need to have some sort of clarity rather quickly.

    Good luck and blessings!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hurt77>>>Hey, it wendykaye, We haven't heard from you in awhile. With the holidays here I was hoping your not in a "bad place" right now. This is a awful time of year to deal with a break up. As if I need to tell you that right!?! Anyway, I was just worried. Would like to hear from you. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your son.

    Peace, Love and Light

  • Thank all of you guys, once again. I hope all of you had a great thanksgiving! Mine was ok....thanks. He finally emailed me and apologized for what he had done, and admited that it doesnt make it better but that i atleast was owed that. it doesnt make it better but i'm thankful that he at least was "big enough" to do that. BLESS YA ALL!

  • blue116>> what do you mean? please give some sort of insight of what you are talkin about

  • hurt77>>He finally emailed me and apologized for what he had done, and admited that it doesnt make it better but that i atleast was owed that. it doesnt make it better but i'm thankful that he at least was "big enough" to do that. BLESS YA ALL!

    Sandran>>If he emailed and apologized.Then I guess he isn't too bad a guy.Most guys won't even email.Did he say if he would meet you? Christmas is around the corner...

    I had problems with my son's seizures over Thanksgiving.Saturday he was run by ambulance to the hospital.He is back home now.But, seizures are still an issue.So he has an upcoming doctor appt. Nice to hear from you hurt 77...

  • Sandran712>>I am so sorry to hear about your son. I hope that everything turns out alright at the doctors. I'm praying for you and your son. He has not said he would, and i'm not persuing it. Yeah Christmas is coming to quick. lol

  • hurt77>>He has not said he would, and i'm not persuing it. Yeah Christmas is coming to quick. lol

    Sandran712>>>I been thinking about you.And ..Staying away is probably good.Unless you hear from him.What is your travel distance compared to his?

  • uummm..we are less then 12 hrs away from each other. How are you and your son doin? I hope all is going well for ya all. I'm prayin for ya .....Health and strength

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