I'm Completely Distraught

  • I dont know what to do, I met this guy named Harold, and we both believed it was fate because neither one of us were supposse to be where we ended up, with that said we met and clicked like we've known eachother forver. We were making plans to get married, set a date and I was doin all the research. It was getting closer for me to go be with him at his parents, and he said he had a stroke. His aunt had passed away and he was close to her. He was suppose to send for me so I could be with him by his docors appt. but I havent heard from him at all. He tells me how much he is so in love with me, but i dont know what to think. I dont know if it's games, or if something has seriously happened to him. I really need some help. anyone please!!

  • My info is Angela Marie (Christy) Wise

    Birthdate July 4 1977

    Time of birth 3:15 am

    His info I know is

    Harold Don Riley JR

    Birthdate August 12 1970

    The day we are suppose to get married is May 15th 2010

    Should I tell everyone the wedding is off??

    Both of our pics are posted...ANY help would be appreciated. I dont know what to do, what is goin on, if he is alright, nothing

    Thank you again to whomever can help

  • hurt>>I dont know if it's games, or if something has seriously happened to him. I really need some help. anyone please!!

    Sandran>> Hurt..I am also a Cancer..Did he have a stroke or did someone tell you he had a stroke?I got to see what a stroke looks like first hand.My 24 year old son just suffered one a few months ago.and,It takes months or more to recover.I would not call off the wedding yet.Especially since you are not absolutely sure that anything is wrong yet.He looks like a guy that would easily want to stray.Doesn't mean that he would.I'm sorry..I have high intuiton.And it seems to work better when I see a picture with a face.I notice anymore guys like to spend time alone.And us girls worry over nothing..

  • Sandran712: Thank you. On Nov. 12th he called me to tell me his aunt had passed away and he just couldn't believe it and that he was extreamly attached to her, she helped raise him. While he was over there he ended up at the hospital come to find out he was having a stroke, and they kept him over night, but called me as soon as he got home. He told me he was extreamly tired because he got no sleep during the time at the hospital because of tests and them monitoring him. That he is on some med and baby asprin. He promised to call the next day which would have been nov. 14th and I've yet to hear anything. I'm worried so much is running through my mind. I dont know if he is in the hospital or just wrote me off. Everyone is making reservations to come from Mich to Virginia, and getting dresses and such. Should I tell them to hold off? I cant sleep, all i do is wonder about him, and what is goin on. If he is in the hospital I have no way of knowing. No one will return my call to tell me either way.

  • hurt>>>Should I tell them to hold off?

    Sandran>>It sounds like he has alot going on with him right now.When my son was in the hospital with a stroke..I spent 3 weeks in the hospital with him.Before he was released.I can imagine he is emotionally drained.Not to mention grieving over his aunt.And ,then not hearing anything could be that his family could be in the hospital with him..Worrying about him and at the same time grieving over the aunt passing away.When someone is in the hospital.Especially stroke victims are Not allowed cell phones near these recovery /step down units.Until he went to a private room ..They are allowed cell phones.Also just being inside the hospital hallway alone sometimes loses reception on a cell phone.I am really surprised that if you were to get married Shouldn't the family be a little closer to you enough to let you know about his well being?.I find it odd.Except that maybe this is all grieving on the whole family..

  • you probably need to tell them to hold off. just for the safe side of it.

    if something happens to him, the wedding may be cancelled. and if something happens to his family, it may also be cancelled too, depending on how close he is to them.

    it's not until next year, is it? why don't you try find out which hospital and go there see how he is?

    you can get birth chart compatibility if you want to

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    but the only answer will only come from him or if you can see him somehow make sure you find out what happens

  • leoscorpion: thank you for your input

  • Sandran>>Sounds like alot is goin on..

    Hurt77>> Thank you for your insight since you have been through it yourself....and I am sorry to hear it as well. As bad as everything is right now, I hope that it is the case, and nothing as far as him changing his mind and not telling me. 😞 As far as his family not saying anything, I have yet to meet them....I was suppose to go to New Orleans to meet everyone. How is your son doin? I hope all is well and he has recovered. 🙂

  • hurt>>I was suppose to go to New Orleans to meet everyone. How is your son doin? I hope all is well and he has recovered. 🙂

    Sandran>>My son is doing good now.He did have paralysis in the left arm and left leg.He was helpless.It took 2 weeks or more to regain use of both to function.I had to help walk him to the bathroom.And looking at the size of the guy you are referring to.He is a big one to help lift/carry with assistance.I hardly called family when my son was sick in the hospital unless there was something to tell.Phone calls constantly cost money..This may be another reason you haven't heard anything.I had used over 400 minutes in a 3 week period.So this is a long distance relationship for you?.Have you tried calling him?It seems really odd not hearing anything.Even if it were for a minute.I used to talk to a guy in Louisana.turned out to be a disappointment.But, a 1 hour call cost me $13.00.I didn't do that again...LOL

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  • Sandran712>>My son is doin well...

    Hurt77>>Im glad to hear that your son is doing well now. 🙂 I have tried calling him constantly, it's his moms house. I left numerous messages, I may as well be talkin to the tree outside. Lol Last night I called all of the hospitals, starting with the VA clinic since he is a vetran. Nothing. At least I know he's not in the hospital, which only leaves me to believe that he has changed his mind. I hope not but it's all starfting to point to that direction (I think) He's a Leo... so.

  • hurt you said he called you on the 13th after the hospital keeping him over night. That sounds strange to me. Even if because he was there at the onset of a stroke and they get meds started right away. Ok I get he is in another state. Question, has his mom remarried and doesn't have the same last name? Cause I would be trying to find out her home phone number. You don't know anyone else who knows him? Call the newspaper in the town where his aunt died and see if they published and Obit. and ask for a copy and you may get some family names. And call them to see how he is. I would think they would keep him to run more tests. Hope you haven't reached a dead end to get family names. I would hold off till I knew more. The newspaper may even be online where you could look at the obits. Wish you much luck. Peace

  • LibrasLair>>The newspaper may even be online where you could look at the obits.

    Sandran>>I agree.It would be awful disgusting on his part that this guy lied about his aunt passing away.But, could be sick instead.My old female neighbor was a Leo.Me and her bumped heads a little.We tended to act the same way.At the time I knew her she was a beer drinker and a heyyylll raiser to mess with.And her temper scared me.

  • hurt>>Last night I called all of the hospitals, starting with the VA clinic since he is a vetran. Nothing. At least I know he's not in the hospital.

    Sandran>>>He could be recuperating at a nursing care facility.Sometimes to recover from a stroke they get transferred to a rehab center.Did this guy really have a stroke???I'm sorry but,It seems awful odd for the protocol following a stroke to send him home..And more odder that every time you call no one answers the phone..I know people work a job.But, c'mon already!! There is only so much time in a day.I am so sure that he would contact you if he was in rehab/therapy.They have phones in the rooms there.Tho,my son never reached this point.Because he was transferred to another hospital.It's possible that the family is visiting other families elsewhere.There is just so many what if's..Calling for him at hospitals/nursing homes..Sometimes will not tell you the person is there.There is this damn stupid Hippa law.Privacy Acts..

  • Libraslair>>His mother did remarry, although I went online and put his home number in and got the address. I have thught about Looking up the obit on line. For some reason, I believet hat he has been lying to me the whole time as far as his aunt and hisself. I hope I'm wrong, but I just have no other option right now. He's not in the hospital, and if in fact his aunt did die, he has called me after the fact, so what difference would it be to pick up the phone and gimme at least 1 min of his time to just say hey i'm alright. Ggrrr

  • Sandran712>> I called his house last night, the phone usually rigs about 5 times before the answering machine picks up, it wrang 1 time. I do believe i'm goin to go look up the obit. I wasx with a Leo before, my youngest sons father, and what I learned is if they don't wanna be with you, they are mean as hell, but if they do then wild horses cant keep them away. lol

  • Well I am one for giving the benefit of the doubt. So things may have been moving so fast it scared him. And mom's will protect their children. Rather than have to become involved if she knows anything, she doesn't want to answer the phone. Now if that isn't it then he may call. I also say listen to your gut. It won't lie to you where a man just might lol I know I didn't help but I may have gotten a grin from you. Peace and harmony. Just keep protecting your own son.

  • hurt>>>I called his house last night, the phone usually rings about 5 times before the answering machine picks up, it rang 1 time.

    Sandran>>When it rang the one time.Did anyone pick up/respond?How long have you known this guy?If he's ignoring you..I am just wondering..I used to talk to a guy online. We talked every weekend.We were friends for 4 years.We knew we would never meet.We were very realisitic.Up all of a sudden when I would call he would not return my call.We got very attached.Story short I haven't heard from him in 10 months.I am over it because..I am a Cancer..When no feelings are there you can't feel anything.Time heals.and keeping up the fantasy of being together only makes it worse.You just quiet yourself.Sit alone to think and usually all these puzzle pieces start to not make sense.and you get a strong sense of being decieved.Instead of feeling sorry for yourself.You learn from it.Try very hard what happened not to repeat it.In my case...we were only friends.Nothing more.I miss him tho.But, life moves on.

  • I wish I was one to give the benefit of the doubt but I've been through too much crap. If the sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck - It's a duck! I'm sorry hon, I know you love this man, however, if the feeling was mutual he would have called you by now. You don't treat someone you love that way. If you think somethings going on, it most likely is. Thank god you know now, and not after a wedding.

    I had a simular situation: I was told by my boyfriend that his father had died. I got the whole song and dance too. He called me after he "found out" crying - the whole nine yards. Told me how his mother was reacting to the news, funural plans, everything. I fell for everything! and I spent hours comforting this man!! He was even sick enough to tell me about the money he was to receive from his fathers will. I know, I was stupid. He even told me how his sister got in a horrible accident, and she was in acoma!! Anyway, I believed it all. I had my doubts but I thought he loved me, how could he be lying? Deep down I knew something wasn't right. Things didn't make sense,but he had all the answers. I knew though, I just didn't want to see it. Than, when the truth came out, and not by him, i never heard from him again. He got to walk away like it never happened or something. I was so hurt and angry!!! After awhile, just angry. It took along time to heal, time I wish I had back!!

    I can see from your pic that your a beautiful woman, please don't waste your time like I did. It's his loss, honest, it is. Grieve the loss, you have to go through that, then get back out there!!! There's some great guys looking for a beautiful, caring woman/mother. Promise!

    I do really, really hope it's just a misunderstand. If not, I hope my experience helps you through it.

    Good Luck!!!

  • wendy>>was told by my boyfriend that his father had died. I got the whole song and dance too. He called me after he "found out" crying - the whole nine yards..

    Sandran>>Did his dad die for real?I guess I am wondering if guys are sick enough to lie about a loved one passing away just to avoid talking to you.I never been dealt this card before.

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