• life sucks, i mean i can depend on myself but it just sucks. looking around you and seeing everyone having someone ... you have no friends no one to call and make you smile no one to just talk to and say whatever you and you know they'll be there u no they won't b/s you .. i don't know life is so lonely i try and overwork myself so i have no free time to think about my life and just drop to sleep at the end of the day ... now it never works .... help.

  • Oh my friend, you have not learned to love and be comfortable with yourself. Enjoy sleeping in the middle of the bed, spending your money the way YOU want to, eat what you want with no one there to criticize you. Once you learn to be okay with just yourself, you will attract the one you are looking for. And for goodness sake, try not to be so negative. No one wants to with someone who is constantly giving off negative energy. Like attracts like. Smile at someone and they smile back. Try it. You'll see a big change not only in yourself but in the people who want to be with you.

    Blessings to you!

  • Like Sarah says, learn to love yourself first. As individuals we know what makes us tick and so ask yourself what makes me tick as opposed to what do other people do to make me tick.

    Also if you are constantly putting yourself in the realm of need and want, that is the message that you are sending out to the universe and nothing will change. Think of what you have already in positive terms, of how you are blessed. Be comfortable with you.

    I wonder if you have ever tried any form of meditation or used positive verbal reinforcement or affirmations. I know that on this site there are links to sites that can help you with this. One of my favourite books is Symbol Therapy by Ulli Springett.

    Look at how you can spend those hours you are overspending at work to do something creative - find another aspect of yourself in this. You will have so much fun doing it. Have you heard of The Artist's Way? Look into it....

    I wish you all things good.

    Love light and peace

  • Hi, When I start to feel this way I try to minimize the negativity. I'm not saying your negative. But, I generally feel that everyone wants a good outcome and try to go from this. Sometimes we are so fast-paced that we forget the human element. Try to get to know a little something about everyone you meet. Talk to strangers. Most people like it when a stranger makes a little time for conversation. I think your experienceing something we all do. Take time out to enjoy a little bit of something everyday.

  • Okay, another perspective. Think about what you do constantly to fill this void you feel. At the end of the day the void is still there. Maybe it's time to take our advice and try a new positive strategy. After all, from my understanding (and I've been told this about myself many times) the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. Does that make any sense? Believe me, I've spent my time displaying this until someone pointed it out to me that unless I change my strategy, nothing will change.

    I hope that we have all been able to give you hope, my friend. We are all trying to spread the light.

    Many blessings to you.

  • Dear, dear LonelyGirl1957.

    I relate to what you are experiencing, and it took me quite a time before I learned what to do to make things change. As those who have already answered with their suggestions, I have learned to be comfortable within myself. Being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely. Learn gratitude for everything that you are, have, can do. Learn to love yourself. How? Do those special avtivities/things that you really enjoy -- a walk in beartiful nature, a long sented, bubble bath, doing a special method of exercise, maybe swimming, biking, tennis, gardening. (It helps your system release dopimane - the feel happy, natural hormone. How about listening to music you love, dancing to it -- alone, but not lonely!

    Listen (carefully) to the innter talk. Is it critical, demeaning or nagative? Tell yourself "No, that is not what you'll acept and replace it with a positive affirmation -- I am happy with who I am and I daily work at changes which makes life easier. (Or whatever feels right to you as a positive statement.) Louise Hay has books, which might help in this area, and has a column in which she answers questions.

    Watch what you eat, if there are food allergies, they can cause negative feelings. Be sure to eat a healthy diet.

    Sleep -- are you getting sufficient rest? That can make a difference.

    Water, be sure to stay well hydrated.

    Can you join a group who are into some hobby, interest, or activity that you like?

    How about a spiritual or religious group? People with like interests.

    Meditation -- very helpful to find answers to what you are looking for. It is uplifting, calming.

    There is a site which has helped me a great deal, if you care to google it, you will find it -- First30Days|Change Positively.

    Much love and light to you, dear friend

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