Future Employment???

  • It would be greatly appreciated if someone could please look into my husband's work situation!

    He has not worked for eight (8) years!. He has been back in school the last several months and actively looking for a job in the field he is training for.

    Can someone please let me know if he will find employment soon? I could use the help as I bear the financial and emotional responsibility of supporting our family.

    I am unhappy in my job situation as well and feel there is more for me out there. Although I have just begun working with Ahliyah on my Sacred Purpose, I'd like to see if anyone has some insight for me as well with regards to future employment.

    Thank you,


  • I forgot to mention that his birthday is 4-22-1972.

    Mine is 3-6-1972

  • Is there anyone out there that may be willing to look at this for me? Your insight is greatly appreciated!



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