Ace of Cups and Death???

  • ace of cups is renewal or new beginning, fresh start. with the love situation this could imply a renewal with your current love, or a new one will come in. could relate to new fresh perspective.

    death is transformation.. what no longer works in your life may signify it's time to change and embrace the new. being that death is the major arcana, it's significant that you pay attention to what is dying and be replaced with something new. could be about patterns in your life, or the way you see or view him and you. the challenge or obstacle would be that if you resist the change that is required, you can make it that much harder for yourself. better to adapt than resist.

    I know it's a bit more complicated in your situation... I will leave this with you for now..

    I am sure other tarot readers can provide insights.

    best wishes.. sunny

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