Aquarius in 7 planets at me discern!

  • Does someone out there feel drawn to help me understand my journey better? So much is changing in a positive way now..I feel the universe moving and whispering in me ear...I appreciate your insight!

    Sun Aqu. 5th

    Moon Aqu. 5th

    Mercury Aqu. 5th

    Venus Aqu. 5th

    Mars Aqu. 4th

    Jupiter Aqu. 5th

    Saturn Aqu. 4th

    Uranus Leo 11th

    Neptune Scorpio 2nd

    Pluto Virgo 11th

    Node Leo 11th

  • Wow, you are definitely one carefree independent loving soul. Mars is ready to transit, with sun now, get ready for some energizing activation. I think you need to use some of the tools and get some readings from the site. Uranus in opposition to maybe mars might cause an accident, especially with mars getting ready to transit aquarius, you might have to try and rein in some of the excess energy you are about to experience.

  • @VivaciousOne check out this website. I am also a 7planet in Aquarius Girl but all of my planets are in my 5th. You will find more like us here and they want and need to hear from you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am Capricorn with Moon in Pisces. I've also got Ascendent, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. What does that mean?

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