How does ur element and animal effect ur sign?

  • i am a virgo born sept 6 1980. my animal is monkey and my element is metal or earth. but its double metal which doubles my intelligence.thats crazy! i have always wondered why i thought so much about evrything. and its cause i dont have a choice.logically i wanna know everything i dont know. to say knowledge isnt power to me is absolutely insane! i would love to see how ur elements effect ur sign. i know mine but knowing the other 11 signs would be kool too. to me its sorta like that new movie the last airbender. he masters all the elements so that he can defeat any given one on any day. i feel if i somehow, someway can get feedback on the mindset of certain signs and there elements, i can grasp a whole new reality on how to not only get along with other pplbut to understand them. if most ppl understood that i am a virgo. and that we strive for perfection in everything.and that were critical of things if they arent in the right proportion or correct way of order. if ppl knew that i was a monkey and they were a tiger they would approach me differently. hope im making some sense here. ive mastered this double monkey thing. tricky but very kool. any insight would be welcomed. hell! send me an email if u really wanna talk about anything.hotmets!

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