Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ? PART 2

  • Hi Girls . I hear Brian Tristan is an excellent psychic , May I suggest you all take a hike over to his thread for advice and guidence .

  • OH so sorry lindieloo, i hope ICETREE sees this as well, and maybe he can start a thread of his own offering tarot readings! , well lindieloo good luck with your thread and the cancers in your life! All the best to you and take care!

  • OH, thank you! we are surely gonna do that Brian is the best im told by many here, i have also heard that he treats people with respect, and thats rare to come by sometimes, have fun here !

  • I hope he see's it too!! I look forward to any insight that ICETREE can give us!!....and I wish you luck, love and light too llindieloo....Oooo I say... I'm a poet, that rhymes...lol... sorry, only kidding, my good wishes to you

  • HealingWays, stclaire , RebecaAnn, and emergence. OMG I am so lucky having 4 gifted psychics on my thread , May I be so bold as to ask for a reading from each of you . I have a very important event this Friday any insight would be appreciated . My DOB January 31st 1953 . Thank you all in advance

  • How rude of me . I forgot to include ICETREE any insight wouls be greatly appreciated

  • RebeccaAnn.....PLEASE PLEASE don't feel bad!! you really have done nothing wrong!!!....I think (I hope) llindieloo was referring to other "in tuned" ones on here, you my friend are too nice and good to be dragged into "this"....much love to you!! I hope to explain all soon 🙂


    Its okay healing ways i know 🙂

    llindieloo if i do a reading for you, it will be very detailed and long winded, so i will get around to yours 2morow 🙂 i have just done my first reading on someone today, it was good hoping it was good for her anyway,

    very new to this hoping i can get better

    Best wishes


  • lindieloo, i wish your daughter and her fiance the best of luck and much happiness on their wedding day this weekend and for their future together, as for you have a great time at the wedding, things will go nicely for you , mother of the bride! best of times for you!

  • Bless you both . I will get back to you tomorrow stclaire and thank you for the best wishes .

  • Llindieloo i done you a 3 card spread and here are your cards

    Past card=The magician= Diniatory meaning=

    Originality, creativity, imagination, self-reliance , spontaneity, self confidence, ingenuity, flexibility, masterfullness, self control, deception,sight of hand.

    present card=three of pentacles=

    reversed meaning= sloppiness,mediocrity,money problems, commonplace ideas, lack of skill preoccupation.

    future card= The fool= divinatory meaning=

    thoughtlessness, folly, extravagance, lack of discipline, immaturity, irrationality, insecurity,Frivolity,Delirium, frenzy, Enthusiasm, Naivete.

    Becareful of the outcome for your event, make sure you show enough enthusiasm and try not to act like the fool and represent yourself as a mature person

    just be careful how you act and talk on that day.

    and makesure to have fun too.

    Best wishes


  • OHHHH I'm Sooooo sad , I was hoping Emergence and HealingWays would of got back to me by now ? I will check in again later .

  • Ooooh llindieloo...I AM SO sorry for the delay, the thing is I have a problem in doing readings for...how can I put it?....for.. one's that do not relate to the energies I can read, i.e...meaning, NICE genuine ones....I'm really sorry...

    Oh,but, before I go, I just noticed you didn't respond to RebbecaAnn, she obviously is a lovely person that wants, and is able to help you!! please have the decency to let her know if her reading helped you!!!

  • Healingways. If you notice I have not responded to stclaire either , as I said I would check in again later. As for your reading I doubt if it would of helped me in any way . I too can relate to genuine people !!! .So please no need to appologise. Being an Aquarian my intuition kicks in quite quickly ,

  • RebeccaAnn. Thank you for your prompt reply . The Magician , yes I can relate to that . Concertration, power and action . thats me definately. The Fool New beginings, spontaneity Faith, to act and act now understand what you want and are committed to getting it . How true . You have done well by picking two of the most important cards in the pack . Well done and thank you again .

  • Icetree- Will you read for my sister please? Bday- 10/15/62. Will this be a lasting relationship for her?

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  • Hi everyone that is new on this thread. I was gone for awhile and we have all these psychics and readers on this thread?

    I am Lua, and Lindieloo and I have been speaking for a long time, mostly about cancer men.

    Can any of you do a reading for me? I was having a long distance relationship with a cancer man, I went to visit him 3 weeks ago and it really turn out too well..he's going through sort of a depression and he seems to me losing interest in me as well. he saids it's not me and it's environmental but we didn't make plans to meet again...I still love him and I have a difficult time letting go. Should I let him go and move on with my life or will things get better between us?

    DOB mine July 23 1961 his: July 12 1976

  • Hello Everyone!!

    I am new as well on this thread, and I am VERY interested in getting a reading from EVERYONE who would be so kind as to do one for me!! I am going through some drama and just need things explained, etc.!!

    MY DOB is March 18, 1960, 5:39 am in Paducah, KY. His DOB is July 7, 1973 in Brazil.

    We met in Florida, I was on vacation, he lives there. We danced a few different nights, had a great time! I felt like I had been hit by a bolt of lightning when I met him!! I felt like I had met him for a reason (soulmate?). Anyway, he made plans with me to see me, but now I haven't heard from him in about a month!

    Will I see him soon? Will he call me? Why doesn't he call? Anyway, I am having a reaaaallly hard time here, and I would greatly appreciate any insight that anyone / everyone could give me!!!

    Thank you so much!!

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