Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ? PART 2

  • darlene>>I seen the threads look realy long on this thread.I decided to extend it

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  • captainjanuary. LOL Lots of drama about the male crabs, but plenty of advice from the female crabs on here.

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  • captainjanuary. According to astrology sag and cancers are not compatable in the slightest , but sag and aqua's make very good friends , just thought that might be of interest . then again it might be a load of bull LOL.

  • Cancer female here. The myth about cancers being nurturing, loyal and faithful is just that... a myth. They CAN be, but only when deeply in love. It can take YEARS for a cancer to get to this point in a relationship

    A hurt Crab has an astronomical amount of issues; and coping tools to deal with those issues. This is why they are cautious, slow moving, reclusive, deceptive, elusive, manipulative, indecisive, attention seekers, players... etc. Even a mature cancer will have these traits. They might be concealed more, or they may have learned how to turn them on and off better. (Does this make sense?)

    This is true for males and females. A few of my cancer gal pals have double and triple lives. I don't know any details, because they are secret. We put on fronts and mask, so you never really know what lies beneath.

    Just some random thoughts....

  • It makes perfect sense, and I agree my ex cancer must of had a lot of issues cause when I told him some home truths he obviously diden't like it and hasen't spoken to me since . But he might need me again sometime in the future (money wise )

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  • darleneinwv>>I was reading on a ASLAC board.They wanted to do part 3.I thought no way...That thread is BBOOORRRIINNGG..LOL

    Wow..Sandran712 said the same thing about that thread as well. You must be a psychic!

  • LOL............ yes this is amazing are you another psychic here darlene? welcome! maybe you could do some work here and help some of the pthers here who get bogged down with so many reguests? that would be great!!

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  • Interesting name, what is the name icetree supposed to mean for you?

  • Hi all, Ive been following this thread with SO much Eeeerm....Eeeerm...

    have to say I agree with you Emergence, when you say! .".Wow..Sandran712 said the same thing about that thread as well. You must be a psychic!" .looks like darleneinwv could be MUCH more psychic, I'm Soooo impressed, I think I might ask for "insight" from her....or! I might ask ICETREE instead, cos maybe SHE is more psychic than the LOT of them....

  • PHEW!!!....you girls'ssssssss ( to many names to mention) are GOOD, I look forward to some READINGS from you....

  • I am looking to do a reading, i am new at this reading thing, i just got my own tarot deck yesterday, iv done a few practise readings on myself, and i may be a begginer but practise makes perfect i guess, id love to do a reading for someone, to test my new found skills.

    iv had ago at myself this past yr using my nans old card deck, and i have had some pleasureable times with them, but my new deck is just being waited to be used, so if any of you would like a reading from me

    go ahead and ask, though i warn you i am a begginner lol

    Best wishes


  • Hi Healing ways!! my psychic abilities tell me ICETREE is a man, do you think i coul;d be correct? Hmmm

  • LLindieloo here . As this is MY thread and I have never seen any of you here before , May I suggest you start your own thread should you wish a psychic reading .

    Thank you .

  • LLindieloo here . As this is MY thread and I have never seen any of you here before , May I suggest you start your own thread should you wish a psychic reading .


    Sorrieh Llindieloo, completely forgot about jumping into threads

    My excitement got the better of me

    Best wishes


  • llindieloo, please forgive me for intruding on your thread, but I would just like to add that stclaire really is an excellent psychic!! I have a feeling she is SO right!!...my psychic abilities are so more profound too of late and I agree with her!!....I also see that Emergence is very in tune with it all too!!....like I said, I'm sorry I intruded on your thread tonight, I just can't seem to be able to sleep, this thread has helped me no end, thank you....

    RebeccaAnn.....PLEASE PLEASE don't feel bad!! you really have done nothing wrong!!!....I think (I hope) llindieloo was referring to other "in tuned" ones on here, you my friend are too nice and good to be dragged into "this"....much love to you!! I hope to explain all soon 🙂

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