Tarot reading help...

    1. What he feels for me: Eight of swords

    2. What he thinks of me: Lovers

    3. What is keeping us apart: Ace of wands

    4. Best approach to take to this situation: Five of wands

    5. What is hidden about him: Queen of coins

    6. What type of relationship would he want with me: Two of cups?

    7. Most likely outcome between us: Four of swords

    Hoping someone can kindly interpret the cards. They are all upright.

  • I will try to give you an answer -

    based on this reading I can see this guy wanting to have more of a relationship with you then he currently has. He is however in a choice situation- between you and something or someone else.

    Either way he sees an opportunity somewhere else.. that is why you are NOT with him NOW.

    The advice for you is to keep fighting if you want to be with this person. Again, what is hidden for you is someone or something.. It could be either another woman or some material situation.

    I think is another woman.. but NOT someone he is in love with. Just someone that he sees as a better opportunity for now.. and is killing him.. that why is feeling trapped as illustrated by the 8 of swords. He will be perhaps be interested in dating you but most likely is not going to happen.. because in the end he will take no action.

    My advice based on what I see is that if you want this guy you will have to wait.. because things will just not happen now. You need to fight for him.. if he is really what you want.

    However, I suggest to limit your fighting to waiting at this stage. I do not see a good time for action on your side right now.

    Best luck to you.. I always like to see love in the cards and in your case there is a good potential for a very loving relationship.. if you manage to pass the obstacles.

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer and for your insight.

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