A few bday ?'s-- all answers appreciated

  • hey all

    i just turned 34 today 11/16/75'

    it has been a rough yr

    i still am looking for employment-- like many others

    so i am wondering is something coming soon? should i go back to school? and or start working on my non- profit idea?

    i have also had distance in my relationship w/ my mother bday 10/30/47 and the last person in my life his bday is 1/12/1970-- will i get closure in these relationships or do i just leave them behind?

    there is also someone new who may want to be in my life-- his bday is 5/20/76-- should i pursue or continue to be single for a while?

    thank you in advance for any assistance

    have a blessed day

  • Hi chelle,

    Happy Birthday! I'm sorry that it's been a rough year for you. Hopefully next year will be better.

    I'll give you my impressions on your questions. I feel like employment might be delayed a bit, so go ahead and start looking into your other ideas. I wouldn't cut your mother out of your life completely, but I get the feeling that a little distance with her is actually healthy for you at this time. As far as the last person you were involved with, I feel that the relationship has played itself out and you can put it behind you. As far as the new guy, not sure if this is the one for you so don't have too many expectations there. I feel like things are kind of clearing away for you so you can take some time to work on the things you have been putting off. I feel that next year at this time you will be in a very different life all together and it will be a positive change for you. Wishing you all the best.

  • thank you manifest

    your response is greatly appreciated

    i would never completely close the door on my mom-- she just seems to have closed it on me for now

    and unfortunately the ex won't closed the door as he has something of mine that he hasn't returned-- something he knows i want back

    and i have already lost interest in the new one in some ways-- and highly doubt he is the one-- i thought the ex was the one but....

    thank you so very much again

    i hope this time next yr will be better as well

  • You're welcome.

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