The Chariot.

  • I. am.. scared, frightened about my future. I have decided recently to start school and to go for something I feel passionate about. I just want to know, if there are any psychics or tarot readers, What does the chariot mean in the future section of a three card reading. My question was about the career path I had chosen to go to school for. I just started school, and I was pretty confident in my decision but now, im pretty scared and worried that it wont take me anywhere. I chose photography. I have a daughter I neeeed to support, and now i just feel guilty for going to school for that because im afraid it wont pay the bills. I have gotten a lot of compliments in the past about my pictures, any advice? or any advice about the chariot?

  • Seriously. I need some advice. I know this may not seem too serious for some, but im steering my life in a direction that will affect me and others.

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