Marie Callas

  • Does anyone know if this woman is the real deal?

    I've read several things about her on the Internet which say she is a scammer?

    I'd like to know if anyone has had dealings with her and if she is 4 real?

  • I've heard about her but not as scammer

    this was a few years ago so things might have changed

    I googled her name and it says something about free talisman

    maybe you want to order this free talisman first and see if it works

    then you can decide

    the link says it's free I don't know if you have to buy something to get it for free

  • I did and all it is a piece of tin cause I had a shower with it on and all the gold washed away.

  • ok. well the testimony said it works within a few weeks.

    I hope it does. bye now

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