• of beautiful planet earth!

    Right now I have my righteousness up and flowing -- and my divine cattle prod is out and ready.

    GET OFF YOUR BUTTS and please make a post to KAY in the Psychic Forum NOW -- Thread is Wondering About the Holidays.

    she deserves the love and support of all the people on this forum just because she is alive and divine like the rest of us.

    We all have issues to deal with, I'm bankrupt, okay? there everybody happy?

    Now get off your rears and be the divine support you know you can be when you pull your thumb out of it, and write a hopeful helpful message to Kay because she feels suicide may be a viable option.

    It's thanksgiving, for crikey sake. What are you grateful for?

    If I see another post about a b/f who isn't calling back yet BEFORE I see something generous and loving for KAY specifically, I'm going to bust a gut and really start cracking heads.

    It's been 35 minutes since i spammed the boards. Let's get on it!

    love light and insistance,


  • Hear Hear Ahliyah,

    I have to agree. There is a woman in need, now is not the time to be self absorbed and self centered (there is a time and place for that, but just not right now). Come on, 5 mins out of your day to give some support to another human in need.

    Yes, I love a guy who doesn't seem to love me back, my ex husband's a psycho who's harassing and stalking me, I'm broke and it's 1.50am in Australia and I need to get up for work tomorrow. Please, do your bit, reach out.....you never know when you may be in the position to need help and support from others if you find yourself in a dark place. Let's forget the boyfriends for a moment and be the caring, giving and loving souls that we are and offer some support.


  • Actually, I need to get up for work today, in just a few hours!

  • Bump!

  • Bump again!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you, thank you thank you all. Love,


    Thro’ many dangers toils and snares

    I have already come;

    ‘tis grace has bro’t me safe thus far,

    And grace will lead me home.

    ~John Newton


    In and through you GOD I AM and the CHRIST-LIGHT, I live move and have my being

    Through your comforting love and light, I AM clearly seeing

    In my hours of pain and anxiety,

    I attune my soul to love and victory

    Blaze your loving light by the power of seven times seven

    Descend upon my form, GOD'S comforting angels of heaven

    In and through GOD'S radiant heart of great love

    I AM comforted in this might and light from above.

  • Thank you very much Ahliyah! For raising this and for the prayer 🙂 Let's just be there for each other - I agree with Wenchie, enough of being self-absorbed!

    You will be in my prayers, girls!

  • Thank-You Ahliyah,

    That was so Beautiful!

    I think that it should be posted in all Forum's,there are so many that need that prayer right now.



  • Ahliyah>>It's thanksgiving, for crikey sake. What are you grateful for?

    Sandran>>I'm Thankful that my son recovered from his stroke.And he's not in the hospital.I spent Thanksgiving in a hospital 2 years ago while he had brain surgery.

  • Sandran712,

    I am happy to hear your son has recovered from his stroke. It's hard watching our kids suffer and feeling totally helpless. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but I hope your Thanksgiving this year is a happy one.

    Wenchie :-))

  • I would like to wish everyone on the forum who celebrates Thanksgiving a very happy and peaceful holiday, may it be filled with love, light and many blessings.

    It's just an ordinary ole Thursday in the UK for us....sob,sob, lol! x

  • wenchie>>We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but I hope your Thanksgiving this year is a happy one.

    Sandran712>>oh really..My Thanksgiving is always the same.I am alone.But, blessed for my health.This year it was ok.Personally I think United States has way too many holidays.All Thanksgiving to me is...Family getting together to share a meal.If that sounds cold.But,We got Christmas right next door at Dec 25th.And it's the same thing.These holidays are meant more for family.Well my family is scattered.Nobody sees you unless there is a funeral.I tell my mom this and she agrees.She don't like it anymore than I do.My relatives are really pathetic.They can't seem to call unless someone is on their deathbed.I am very blunt and jaded at my words.My mom tells me she can't take me anywhere..LOL

  • well i was down and out my kid's went to there dad and i had nothing for turkey day feeling drepressed and then a friend call said he had a turkey for me but i counldn't cook it i was out of LP and then he said i have a bottle come get it . It made my day:) now i have turkey to eat .sitting there eating my turkey that i cook and feeling sad cause that all i had and then the next door neighbor call me to come over i realy did feel likeit but i did and she had all kind of food. 🙂 thing do come to you and you have to push forward some time. thing happen for a reason 🙂 🙂 I am so thank for all thing even when get hard to press on . so keep you heart and eye's open you just might miss it . bless it be. love to everyone 🙂 🙂 and L.O.L

  • Namaste!

    Wenchie, I am not nearly as eloquent as you are when my fire's been lit, so you rock X 7!

    Azure, thank you for the bump and your prayers and good wishes! I sure hope you rec’d your funny little ecard wishing you a very happy THURSDAY! lol...

    HappyPeaceful (and WHAT a GREAT forum name!) thanks for your love and support. I sure hope you’re already a member of the Circle of Gold because we’d love to have your bright and shiny energy join ours. : )

    Patricia, thanks for the note about the prayer; if you’d like to post it on the forum elsewhere I think that’s a lovely idea.

    Sandran, why not make a plan now for yourself for Christmas? Maybe plan to spend part with your family and part of it just for you? There are so many wonderful things to do and see in the world, and often they are right in our back yard. Just a thought. My family is scattered, too, and consists of one member, cross country, lol, so I’m with you. (hugs)

    terry, so much good and so much love came to you on turkey day; why not make a plan for yourself for the rest of the holidays too? maybe bake something simple to give to those who gave to you. Cornbread?

    Even baked apples are very simple and they’re so yummy. You just core those suckers and stuff em full of brown sugar, a few chopped walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.

    There’s so much love here, so much love in the world to give and share and comfort each other. Keep spirits up, everyone. Each of us makes a difference; together we make miracles!

    I’d love to have and share a really simple holiday plan with everyone.

    So, here goes:

    If I could spend the holidays simply, joyfully, and without the hype, I would...

    *put on my holiday music and sing off key as I do every year. Carol of the Bells is so moving! My son loves to join in (he’s 11, can you believe it) and sing the chorus to the songs with me, and I even sometimes ‘catch’ him singing when he’s upstairs playing.

    So, music first!

    *Home baked ginger cookies this year, with my son participating so he can lick the bowl.

    *a small ham for baking

    *gifts that bring the family together. my son loves models so we’re going to buy those 1.99 wooden toys and then paint them together.

    *bake simple cookies for the people at my husband’s office –

    *donate my change every time I walk past the Salvation Army bucket – did you know the bell ringers are volunteers?

    *smile at everyone, just because

    *drive around and look at holiday lights drinking hot cocoa from a thermos

    *give thanks every day for all that I am and all that comes to me.

    That’s my holiday plan.

    Would anyone like to share your vision of a lovely and simple holiday this year?

    love and light


  • Ahliyah,

    You mean that when I feel the need, the verbal stuff that spews forth that I just let gush out with no thought of how it may come across to others and often end up pulling my foot out of my mouth!!!!!

    Whenever I get a little cross, it has a life of it's own and that think before you speak thing goes right out the window!!!!!



    xoxo :-))

  • Hi Ahliyah,

    Yes thanks I did receive the ecard etc. It made me smile. I am with you on the simple holiday plan. I have warned everyone that I am not getting into all the hype and rush this year. I am going to do a nice meal with my family and some of their friends who have nowhere to go. I have just been to a local fayre and got a few nice little bits. I have been wanting a new computer desk for ages and on the way home there was one sitting on the street with a sign saying, 'Please take' with a smiley face, so I did.........:). That's my plan although we have a good 3 weeks to go yet! I like it when things are simple and have real essence. Love and light x

  • Thank you, Ahliyah, for your kind words. My forum name is what I want/try to be, so I thought it might help choosing a name like that 🙂 And yes, I'm on your circle and we've exchanged a couple of emails off this forum 🙂 I hope you had a great and peacefull holiday - I believe that the real beauty of holidays is about how you feel and how you make your loved ones feel - it's all about sincerity, being genuine, compassionate ... the meals and gifts don't need to be fancy and expensive, you can bake cinamon&honey cookies and it would mean a world to your friend, it's more about the sentiment and energy you give them along those cookies 🙂

    Love to you all!

  • Ahliyah>>>Sandran, why not make a plan now for yourself for Christmas? Maybe plan to spend part with your family and part of it just for you

    Sandran>>I do do this for Christmas..Christmas is my depressing holiday.It is meant for family.I only see my mom.I never see the rest of my family.I lost my dad a couple years ago...My son had to go to the hospital today.He was having seizures and group home took him by ambulance.Sorry to say I hate hospitals.I am always worrying about him.He just had a stroke this year in August.His dad is gone.He died Dec 20 2002.So this is another reminder of December to live through.I have to becareful spending too much time on the computer at this time.I tend to lose myself and my real life falls apart..LOL

  • My daughter and I have little this year (I lost my job in 2005) but we have a tradition we do. There is a Trader Joes here that makes 10lb chocolate bars we used to buy and hand out but they don't make em anymore ;( . Last year we baked muffins and cookies and took them to our local fire dept and police and ambulance drivers, mail delivery guys and UPS diver plus our neighbors and family. It isn't much but it's from the heart and wholesome foods. We don't have a car anymore so the 1st year w/o one we got one of those little ol lady push carts and filled it up and walked there but the past few years we've biked so it's a bit easier to make deliveries. 🙂 It is fun too seeing all the lights, smelling chimney smoke etc. We made little stockings and filled em up w/ doggie treats and left them in the mail boxes of our local dog friends who we always stop and pet. Really feels like "tis the season" when we are "playing Santa" as my daughter says.

    My daughter has a disability but clearly loves the giving. She's always the one to hand it over to whomever. The joy in her face! It's worth it just to see that. She knows we are financially strapped but wealthy in other ways. Plus there is always the hot spiced cider and a few logs burning in the fireplace candles a blaze. We don't do "christmas tress" but we have a room divider she hangs ornaments from and beads that glitter in the firelight from the roof beams.

    I'm looking forward to hearing all the traditions of others.



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