Love reading please and future predictions??

  • my ex love i want to know what will happen. i am going through hard troubles with my grandma brain hemorrhage. It has been months since i had any contact from my ex, but i want him back happiness in my life and support comfort to have him back and know he wont leave or hurt me to have that security feeling back. I really need it right now in my life with so much loss heartache. .. i deserve better and treated better. . .

    mine: 04/13/1989

    his: 09/21/1991

  • Was there any real passion in your relationship? I doubt it - it was more like parent and child, I think, with you being the 'mother' to his 'little boy'. You were two very different people. The things that mattered to you were not important to your ex. Matters of taste, style and decorations, glitzy appearances, and beautiful things were his real interest. I don't feel that he will be back. I know you are unhappy living alone and that you sacrificed a lot for this ex of yours but I don't feel he appreciated it.

    Of course, you deserve to be treated well but this is not the person who will do it for you. Find someone more mature who will look after you.

  • Hi Captain,

    Its me again ronia, Im just wondering if my furture ever going to get better, like my love life, finacial health bday is june 30,1963... Tanks Ronia

  • Ronia, check the love reading thread.

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