In Love with a LIBRA Man...Please help I've been seeing him for a year

  • I love him dearly and will do anything for him hes involved with cancer women who doesnt want anything out of life she has a child with him not sure if its his kid or not want give him aDNA for the child hes back inforth with when hes in need he comes to me she cant do anything for him hes telling me to hold on that hes coming the new year because I'm not only there for him but I always has his back and he does love me and my kids we were friends at first but it turned into something more Im to the point where do I leave it alone do I stay because Im in love with him Im a taru and very patient very close to him family and shes not they want him leave her alone and be with me what should I do he says hes coming and going to spend the hoildays with me what do u think

  • Hi Heartof alibraman,

    I have been in a similar situation with a Libra man. The difference is I am the woman that he was telling the other woman did nothing for him. Truth is I was paying his bill and putting a roof over his head. He was even driving my car, etc. I knew nothing about the “other” woman until I found an email to him telling him that she was pregnant. My insight says to end this relationship with this man. He is not being honest with you, the other woman or himself. He is a user and he will make your life miserable. He will continue to use all the people around him until they have hit rock bottom with him. Please take my advice to heart. If he truly loves you, he will not make you stand behind another woman. He will leave her and come to you once it is over but you have to take a stand.

    Best of luck,


  • hi what do u mean by take a stand he said he is leaving her to come to me she knows about me and i know about her he said that she doesnt make him feel like i make him feel and this was told to me and his sister they ready for him to leave because shes deadweight to him that he needs to be where hes really loved

  • I don't mean to offend you but as long as he can be with both of you, he will be with both of you. When I say take a stand, I mean to tell him that you won't see him any longer until this other woman is not involved with him intimately. If he feels this child is his, then he needs to have the paternity testing completed. Then, the only reason he will have contact with the mother will be over the child. You have to draw the line somewhere. I know it is hard when you love someone to let them go but if he loves you and you take this step, then he will come to you and the right way.

  • Personally he's not worth it he will just continue to move on to another woman. He will never commit. I've been in the same situation with a Libra man and they just want their cake and eat it too. Once they realize they can't have it they pout and toss you aside like trash. They start out telling you how much they care about you how beautiful you are until they get you right where they want you. They want you only on their terms. Dump him it will make you feel great, it will hurt at first but trust me you will get over the jerk and will survive will out him. Your better off and deserve much better!!!!!! I made through it.

  • the ones I know are cheaters, but then again this doesn't mean he is too.

    at least I don't want to say that since I could be wrong

    libra can live two lives, they strive for balance and usually achieve it, that's why they can sleep with one woman and still make another woman trust that she is their one and only

    you have been there for him for some time

    and it seems other people support your relationship with him

    don't get too worried or upset, just prepare yourself to meet him and prepared for the worst in the same time

    I didn't have good experience with libra men but I might have been too much of a fire for them

    where as you are earth sign I'd say just be ready for him and always prepare for the worst

    meet him but don't give your heart out completely until he commits himself to you

    take care

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