The Captain

  • Hey Captain!! I am in sort of a rough spot and was hoping that you could help me sort some things out!!

    I met this guy and I really felt this uncanny connection with him immediately!! I don't know if it's because he is my soulmate and we were supposed to meet, or what!!!!

    Anyway, we have talked twice, and he made a plan to see me again (he lives about 15 hrs away). However, now, I haven't spoken to him in several weeks! We would only talk once each week or so anyway, and I just met him the first of April.

    My DOB March 18, 1960, 5:39 Am, Paducah, KY. HIS DOB July 7, 1973, Brazil.

    Can you tell me if I will still see him as planned?

    Will he call soon?

    Is he my soulmate, and will he be in my life from here on out??

    Any help/ or light that you can shed on this situation would be so greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank You!!


  • Already answered this twice in Photo Readings and Love Reading. The answer is always that this guy is bad news for you.

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