Meeting New People Visions

  • Sometimes before I meet someone nrew I have dreams about the features of that person and I may not remember the dream until I see that person I sometimes dontb go toi them and talk but I feel as if I am drawn to certain people if I have had dreams about them before I meet them I was wondering if anyone else has had these dreams? I have also been having nightmares about my ex wife I asked my VA case manager about that she she said it may because I am gettng better and moving on with my life and my subconsciouses is letting go slowly. I don't know but the dreams were very real and I woke up for hours and I had trouble falling back to sleep, I should say here that I was abused by my ex wife she was close to 275 pounds and I was 1555 after my Brian Tumor surgery.

    Frank Duffey

  • Hi Frank, Were you always able to see new people in your dreams before you had surgery. I thought maybe that was a gift you received after surgery. I've had the same. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish dreams from reality. They arrive and we sort of catch-up to them. In my situation, my subconscious will repeat things that it wants me to change. Like if a situation is bad, it'll repeat it in different scenarios. I think your subconscious isn't letting you forget about your ex. Is she contacting you in any way. Eventually, the dreams will stop.

  • I sometimes have dreams about thingsand then sometime later they happen. I dreampt my son and I were behind the bar of a pub (bar) that I did not usually go in and a while later I ended up buying the pub and my son and I are now often behind the bar, also I saw my daughteer getting the job she went for but it was in a branch in my town, she only been offered the job in the town she was in, but they changed it after the interview and sent her to my town instead. I now have lots of visions while I am meditating.

  • I just want to say that I feel that you are a very strong person to share these deep feelings. Please hold these strengths close and remember this when life feels like it is ganging up on you. I, too, have had many tests put before me and I keep my inner strengths close to remind me that there is always a lesson to be learned in all things that happen. There are no accidents....only lessons to be learned. I find I come out a better person from all bad things that come my way......your spirit guides are very are mine. I am sending you a photo I took I titled "Rocky Mountain Gold Dusk"

  • I am so sorry the picture would not show.......I wanted it to be inspirational because your post was inspirational for me. I like it when I see courage in others. A few years back I was dating someone and in the middle of the night someone they had been previously dating broke into the house and jerked me out of bed and beat me really bad. I could not hit them back. I found at that moment that I am a true pascifist. People are not for hitting.

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