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    I have the urge to sell my Salon and move back to the States, do you see this happening? Or do you see something else for me?

  • 228,

    I am not a psychic. I really would love to give you some insight, but sometimes when I read a thread I will get "thoughts" in my head that aren't mine if you know what I mean and a really strong feeling. I have no control over this, and believe me, I get very frustrated when i really do want to "get a feel" about a situation. I'm not like Chris or Hisbablove or Junemoon26 or Soapmaker or many of the other fantastic people on this site who have really strong psychic gifts. Healing and empath seems to be my area, but even the empath side fluctuates.

    I'm a bit tired at this time also (11pm here) and I'm not getting anything. But I will bump this up to keep it up here so that hopefully someone else may be able to give you some insight.

    But as personal advice, I would go with what feels right for you. I know you are in a strange country (meaning away from home) and you don't speak the language. It may be easier for you to get back on your feet at home where you don't have a language or culture barrier. What feels like the right decision for you?

    Good luck with it all, I know you're in a tough situation, but just believe the worst is over now and the best is yet to come, stay positive. You are strong and you can get through this.

    I wish you all the best for a very happy and content future.



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  • 228 I think this is a good goal. I feel that the more you desire to do this the more positive the outcome. How serious are you about making this change? You can choose your own future but you need to have a plan. I get the impression you have valid concerns preventing you from doing this. i would start by making a list of all the pros and cons. Then you can weigh them out and start making the changes necessary to move forward. This might be a positive change but it will take some time I am thinking about a year so start preparing and be honest with yourself. Have realistic expectations. Do you know what I mean? (hugs)

  • Hi

    what's coming is un known and I am ready for for ever comes my way.

  • Thank You Wenchie,


  • You're welcome! :-))

    How is it all going for you??

  • well I seem to have better spirits and now I am working with my Lawyer on the divorce. My husband is in colombia right now with his pregnant gFriend until nov 20th, he has no clue that I filed for a divorce. Here you have to wait for the supreme court to decide to grant the divorce.

    I am also planning a trip to Florida to visit my other son as well. I will be meeting my guy friend at some point to have dinner I use to have a crush on him and i think he did too. Oh well I need to go for now and would love to here more on whats to come . Have a wonderful day!!


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