2009 Good Karma Community Challenge

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  • I am thankfull for second chances. I am thankfull for my higher power, and that i am not my higher power (dont want that job lol.) i am thankfull for all the people i have ran across in my life, down to the people u just walk past. eveything i have seen heard felt touched taste imagined has played its role in making who i am today. i am thankfull for being me. i m thankfull for all the travling i have gotten to do and all those pretty pictures god painted for me i think sometimes thats what keeps me balenced and i m thankfull for that too. at one time i did not have a door to shut for i think year, and was unable to go find a quite spot by myself unless i ws in the shower or going to the bathroom. during that situation i also did not have a bed and wslpet on hard floor that was worped so id wake up andmy leggs would be numb. so im thnk full for my bed even though that living sitution was difficult it was good and i learned lot form it and i am thankfull for that as well. i am thank full for all the difficult times i went through and ll the good ws to some thing ws leand and something good came from everything that has happend. and i am also thankfull for everything i do not know i find that that the further i go and the more i travel how much i really dont know and the amout of things to learn and things to experices is endless and since i am only 23 with no knowledge at all i am thankfull for the excitment of that thrill!

  • I am thankful every night that I have shelter and a bed to sleep in. I try to not take things for granted, and as soon as I start to think the world is so awful and cruel, I try to refocus and remember how fortunate I really am. I am so very thankful for my Mother , my friends, my cats and my dog. I am thankful for all the beauty in the world.I am thankful for the time I had with those who are gone now.

  • I am very grateful for all of the things that have manifest in my life, also for such wonderful "family" to be around yesterday sharing love and energy with each other.

  • I'm grateful for everything I have, my friends my family. And I'm very grateful for the inspiration that was really needed to do my essay last week. I finally passed the most important tests at the college and ended with the writings.

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