2009 Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I love the responses everyone else has given and can identify with a lot of them.

    I guess I'm changing the tone here a little bit, but I'm thankful for Chocolate : )


  • I am thankful to live in a time when the veil is thinning so that our spiritual connections can be more strong and pure.

  • I am thankful for everything the universe sent my way all my life

    the hardship, the challenges, the healing, the love of my life, the mentors, the spirit guide, the zoo of power animals, the guidance sent through them, financial help and protection

    I hope more and more people send positive energy out, for it will heal many including our suffering planet. may the universe shares its abundance to everyone that does this

  • I am thankful for my 3 boys who have taught me to be flexible & grounded, family & friends, my home, a job I enjoy & can use my healing to help others & to the guidance to find my spiritual path which included finding this site.

  • I am grateful for my life, the people in it and I appreciate the small things-- My dogs-- and the not so small things-my children...all in all--I don't regret this life I've chose for me.

  • First, I am grateful that everyone who is here is going to have the opportunity to share their thanks for all the blessings bestowed upon us. Even in these challenging times, we are forced to recognize that there are some good things in our lives like friends who care and support us emotionally; family who stay close; and partners who look to us for guidance and vice versa. These are the intangible things that can't be measured by the material world, but by the ethereal one which is what Tarot. com is all about. Knowing that no matter what happens, we are part of a bigger picture and that picture - no matter how difficult at times - is integral to our very existence. Without the spark of light we bring to the world, there would be no hope or inspiration for the next soul that our lives touch. We all have our individual karma to deal with, but once we overcome one karmic challenge there is an inevitable reward that always accompanies that challenge. It's the cycle of life. So, am grateful for the insight the planets have given me by their sheer alignment in my chart. And am grateful to you Tarot.com for the forum to share my joy during a time of year when there sometimes isn't enough joy being shared. May you find the light and the strength our founding fathers did and chose to be beacons of light for all the souls who followed their dream to this day.

  • I am thankful to GOD for this birth, His love which He gaves me in form of my friends which are true to me. He has given me a chance for coming more nearer to Him.........

    So i am thankful to God for this birth

  • I am thankful for open-minded people that stimulate intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth through the mutual exchange of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Also the unconditional kindness & love that I experience in my life through many sources. And for my higher power when he gifts me with those little "ah ha" moments in life that are undeniably from him. Here's praying for peace for all : )

  • I am thankful for everything that is in my life - all the God's lessons; thankful for people who are in my life and who teach me; thank you God for who and what I am.

  • I am thankful for family. I don't know what I would do without them!

  • I am thankful for my beautiful children, boys TT and JS, for my family, for my life and my health, which considering all things could be worse. I'm thankful for the air I breathe, the water I drink and play in, the sun that warms me and the moon that brightens the sky so I can gaze at the stars. I'm thankful for the roof over my head, the food in my fridge, the washer and dryer that keeps our clothing clean and for the few friends that have been true to me through thick and thin. I could go on and on, as there is such an enormity of things I could express my gratitude for, but instead, I shall pass the torch to the next one, to share with us what they are thankful for.

  • I am thankful for family and friends, my job of 33 years, and being able to help those less fortunate.

  • I am thankful for the friends I've made in my new home, who have given me a sense of mission and reason to stay!

  • There is so much to be thankful for...

    my two crazy, beautiful children. my hard-working husband, who is stationed overseas right now. my face-stealing younger twin sister. my wonderful family who welcomed me and the kids home with open arms during this year of separation. my awesome BFF, who after 10 years away from each other is still my BFF. all the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who give up so much for everyone else (even those who don't appreciate them). and for every person out there who has made a difference, directly or indirectly, in my life and those of others.

    Thanks y'all!

  • I am VERY thankful that I am still here. A couple of years back I went through an extrordinarily bad time and ending it all was foremost in my mind. If not for the love of a wonderful person in my life for whom I am extreemly thankful for I would not be here to post this message, and to him I pledge my undying love and gratitude.


  • I am thankful for Tarot.com and all the wonderful things this site does for its members and for the community...meals on wheels, the breast cancer foundation...you spread good karma and love out to the world ~*~

  • I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends who help me be the best person I can be.

  • I do have so much to be thankful for this holiday season. My son will soon be turning two years old and I am thankful that he is in my life this year. I am thankful that I get to watch him grow and learn. He is growing so fast. I am thankful for all the wonderful people in my life that love and support all my endeavors. I am thankful that Tarot.com offers us insight into our lives on a daily basis, helps us strive for peace, love and happiness in our lives and has cool games we can play for free karma coins.

  • I am most greatful for my children and my granddaughter, they make my life complete! I am thankful that I still have my mother,to many close calls there!!! I'm also thankful to for the blessings I've recieved this year.

  • I am thankful that I have found the strength to believe in myself enough to rid my life of negativity and persue endeavors that are only positive. I am also thankful that my mind is free and able to explore new avenues to find enlightenment.

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