2009 Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I'm truly blessed, and for more things than one. The two most important would be for my son and daughter. I am forever thankful to God.

  • I am thankful for continued health for myself and my family. we will be able to "pay it forward" because we have been blessed.

  • I am thankful because I am alive to tell everyone how much I love and appreciate them. Last Thursday, on my 35th birthday, I was hit by a semi that was speeding and ran a red light. Thankfully I had just passed my 7 year old twins daycare on my way home to change out of my work clothes and go back and get them to go birthday shopping. My car was totalled and I was taken to the ER and left hours with a severe concussion and a really messed up knee- brace and crutches too; only to return to the ER the next night from the concussion I passed out and fell into the bath tub where I hit and cut my head........BUT I AM ALIVE!! Not many people tangle with an 18 wheeler and live. I got to see my girls later that night and hug and kiss them. We still havent gotten the shopping done, cant drive and I dont have a car.....BUT I AM ALIVE!! My guardian angel was riding with me because the front of my car is gone. Life is precious, don't bun the day!!

  • I am so thankful for the life that has been breathed into me, the support and unconditional love from my family and all the random people whom I have met that make my life come together into one complete destiny. I am also thankful for my clarity of thought and vision of the future...thank you all, even though I may not always show it, know that you are always in my head and in my heart.

  • Im thankful for meeting the almost perfect guy who gave me a perfect daughter! I didnt think I could get pregnant a year ago and I have a 2month old beautiful daughter and were celbrating are first holidays together and were getting married next month so i couldbt be more thankful for how good things are! Im also thankful for ll the things above have brought me and my mom together also So i hop everybody else has happy holidays as well!

  • I awake in Gratitude and am so pleased to share time with those who practice unconditional love and care. I am grateful that I get to see and observe the animals and nature as they prepare for the changing seasons. I am grateful that I can watch and learn through them. I am grateful that I have learned a smile can do so much to make someone's day better. I am grateful that I am surrounded by the Divine Universe and all that it entails. Many Blessings

  • After one HARD past year, I am SO GRATEFUL that I still have my health, my family, my home, and my job, when so many people have lost any or all of the above. I still get very down and depressed, but I guess that's normal at times, when the going gets rough......I sometimes don't even feel like going to work (maybe I want to sit and stew in my own misery over things gone wrong), but I make myself go and I'm better off for it. I've had a LOT of 'hard knocks' in the past year that I've never had to face before, but God has helped me through it all and even created MIRACLES for me when I needed them most, so I'm extremely thankful that through it all, my Father (God) has been there, when oftentimes, no one else was! In Jesus' Precious and "LOVING-ME" name, THANK YOU, MY FATHER AND CREATOR!!!! AMEN.

  • This has been a hard year for my large family, 5 adult children and 13 grandchildren. I am a single grand-mom to 3, and a Masters student at WWU. One of my daughters, mother of 7, has been wrongly accused of murder and has spent most of the year in jail awaiting trial as we cannot afford bail. She has had a high risk pregnancy during this time and we have all feared for her and the baby's safety. Today we are thankful to have a beautiful new little girl in the family. Our "little bit of heaven", Nevaeh, (heaven spelled backwards) is a joy for her mother in a time of scant joys and a precious miracle for the family. We are all so very thankful to be able to hold this wonderful spirit in our arms as we hold her mother in our hearts until she is reunited with us.

  • My daughter is not working right now and is currently unemployed. I was very sad. I had told my family that we could not get together this Thanksgiving because I had nothing to get them. They said it didn't matter and still wanted my daughter, grandson and I to go visit them.

    So I swallowed my pride and requested a Thanksgiving basket from the church. The Sunday before Thanksgiving the church came through. They gave me a big giant basket filled with all kinds of goodies to cook and bake...and most important of all...a big 17 pound turkey.

    One person from the church donated one big basket...along with other people and that turkey.

    I thank God for his blessings. Its not just the food...but getting together with family ...that is so important.

  • This year I am truly blessed! I am marrying a wonderful man, and we are having a baby! I couldn't be more thankful.

  • I am thankful for every daily reminder of the magic of life....little things that keep me surprised and humble and in awe! I guess I am also thankful that I haven't become so jaded that I lose the ability to see these things.

    I am especially thankful this year for three people who I was lucky to know who have passed on this year. It is sad to be without them, but the gift of having had them in my life is wonderul.

  • I'm grateful for so much this year - my own recovery from illness, returning to my Arizona home, watching my children thrive as young adults -- there is a great deal of love in my life and my gratitude is boundless.

  • I am thankful to God that my church voted to stay open from December through April even with some going away to other states for the winter.

  • I am very thankful this year! My special needs son is doing very well in his new school, and it has been a long time since he was sick!

    My daughter got married to a lovely young man. My health is improving. My ability to enjoy each day is getting better. I am still having a hard time getting around, (knee pain), but with a lot of prayer things are looking up. My big problem has been with the fact that I have been so independant all of my life and now I have to ask for help to do the most menial chores.

    I have recently reached out to my Church and am getting help being driven to and fro (with my son) on Sundays. I am also very thankful for Tarot.com. It has helped me immensely with all of my problems. I especially enjoy the I-Ching because it helps me put things in perspective and gives me new ways to look at old problems.

  • i am so thankful for connections 🙂 ...two beautiful, brilliant, healthy children, and the love triangle between us! one best friend, and the faith and encouragement i receive from that! parents and siblings, who provide a strangely simultaneous glimpse of the distant past, the sweet here and now, and the timeless future. a good job, and the foundation it provides for everything else. and potential.... the endless possibilities that make me so happy just thinking about them 🙂

  • I am thankful that as a human being I have the precious opportunity to benefit others. As I am discovering helping others is asking the question as much as I can in a day, "How and what is my mind state now?". I can connect to others only within a positive mind frame and this brings with it much responsibility. It is up to me. I am thankful for discovering mindfulness, being in the here and now. Knowing when I use thoughts/emotions and when they are really a hindrance. I am thankful to have found a mind map because we need, more than ever, to love each other, to help each other, to rejoice in each others good fortunes. I am happy that I have really found this out from experience and that through gradual progress, if I may live long, I can use the rest of my life helping others in every single activity life throws at me and so I am very happy to be born in this precious human form and as it will not last for too long I am thankful that benefiting others is an urgent matter.


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  • I am thankful for the wonderful family God gifted me

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