• What happened to the Capricorns who frequented this board? Where are you and why haven't you started any posts? I don't mind talking to other signs but I want to talk to people who have the same Sun sign as mine!!

  • I'm a cappy...what do you want to talk about?..LOL

  • SO AM I! LOL hey how's it going? My CAP buddies show yourselves! 😄

  • ...oh..it's going. HAHA. Yourself?

  • awesome! overcomin the challenges that life puts in my way was well as enjoying the love that friends and family so kindly offer me. 😄

  • Me too I am a Capricorn female, hello to all you other Capricorns! x

  • Same here! It's difficult, but they are life's little lessons!

  • Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, been under the weather! Hello, I'm Casper and glad to hear from all of you we have been missing for a while on this board and I wanted to converse with my OWN SIGN!! To give you a brief summary about me I am a widow (since 2007) and am really enjoying the time I have to myself with my cat Casper! I was married for over 20 years and although my Leo husband wasn't all bad we had our ups and downs and I still miss him but life alone is not so bad either. Do any of you like to be alone as well?

    Hello I'm Casper and just wanted to talk to people who are Caps like me! To give you a brief summary about myself I am widowed, husband died in 2007 from heart failure but I am hanging in there in fact do not mind being by myself with just my cat. Are there any of you who are the same way? Also, do any of you look at the Young & the Restless?? I just got a laptop and it's taking me a while to get used to this keyboard although I work with a computer every day at work!!

  • I posted two answers without knowing it. sorry/

  • Hi casper402032, I like my alone time too and always have done ever since I was a child. But I also like to socialize when I feel like it. I have a cat too but still have teenage and above kids about, also. I lost a partner quite a few years back (father of one of my children) and I felt it took me a good 2/3 years before I came back down to earth, so to speak. I think it is great that you are enjoying your time alone as it can be very healing, in my experience. I am sure that when you feel the time is right you will be out there looking for a new goal to aim for.....lol! Blessings x

  • Well i could say that i am alone... i guess. i live with my family. I never had a special someone, not just yet. For some reason i need to feel prepared because for me a relationship is serious business, lol. I dont want to be playing around with love because it sometimes burns. So yeah i am still young. This year has been pretty rough for me, specially because i used to love my alone time and now is like i feel the need to start a relationship. I will start college soon, the place i always wanted to be, and i think it will bring new oportunities. I feel the need for freedom, love, and money. Lets see what happens in the future. Cant wait! lol


    C'mon my ppl show yourselves 🙂

  • I don't mind being alone either. But right now I am craving a family, I can hear my internal clock ticking. I'll be 32 on New years Day. I was engaged up until this past March to a Virgo, but he left me. I felt he was the one, but I guess he wasn't. This year has been really rough, but I am slowly healing, trying to find myself.

    I also have two fuzzy kids (kitties) Zipper and Guido. They are hilarious!!!

    Maybe I am meant to be alone, the crazy cat lady..haha

  • Thanks to all of you for answering and I am so glad I am not the only one who likes to have my alone time although I do sometimes like to socialize as well. BTW this Saturday we are giving our field employees (Homecare Specialists) an Appreciation Brunch something we do every year and I really look forward to it. We serve them breakfast food, coffee, soft drinks, dessert and we play games and draw raffle tickets for money along with Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger and Gas cards. When it comes to the entertainment I am the one who officiates and I HATE IT!! I've known a lot of these people for many years and yet getting up in front of them scares the hell out of me! Are any of you like that?

  • Casper402032

    Yup! lol that's just like me. Sometimes i get so nervous that my mouth gets extremely dry and i canno say a word. I just freeze and cant take control. lol. but sometimes i defeat this fear and i feel really good and proud 😄

  • Dear SunCappyGirl do you know if you have other signs in your horoscope that might have an influence on your being able to defeat that fear?

  • 1Blondie178

    Yeah I know what you're talking about. It's like you feel like you need that special someone. It depresses me sometimes but then I am back to my weird self lol. It's nice to know that you're getting better 😄 Oh that's so cute! I've never had a cat because for some reason I didn’t like them but last time I was watching this funny cat video on youtube and I thought it was so cute and hilarious. I wanna have a cat now. lol. Naw, I don’t think so, you will find someone but everything in its own time. 😄

  • Hello casper402032

    Well my moon is Cancer and my rising is Aries.

    I think cancer makes me very shy... I think. But i think is just your free will. I don’t defeat it that often thou, lol. Most of the time I just cant talk, I have to whisper. Hahaha. And how’s your speech? Are you afraid now, think about it.

  • oops i meant: are you afraid now? thinking about it?

  • moon is in Pisces, Ascendant in Aquarius and Mercury/Venus in Aquarius which I think makes me very reserved. I've been around a lot of Aquarius people and although they can be very talkative they can also hang back and not want to be in the spotlight. Do you know any Aquarians?

  • Yes! One of my best buddies is an Aquarian. He does talk a lot and l love him very much. He's so friendly, he's kinda mean but in a good way lol. He loves being the center of attention that's for sure so maybe your moon in Pisces is what makes you a little shy, i dont know much about astrology but i do have a Pisces friend who's very caring and nice. She's quiet when she's not in the mood but when she is she can go crazy, well not that crazy. lol. She's very fun and friendly.

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