VERY Important dream interpretation

  • I am hopeless at figuring dreams out and VERY rarely remember a dream. However, when I DO remember a dream, it always has some significance and is ALWAYS a portent of things to come.

    If anyone can help me with this, I would really appreciate it and maybe not feel so out of sorts. Its awful to have the universe give you a message and not be able to speak the language:)

    I dreamed that I was in one room and my boyfriend was in another, just beyond a door behind me. I knew he was there and didn't go in, but stayed in this other room with people I knew doing things to pass the time until I could go and be with him. (I think I was waiting for HIM to come get me or somehow let me know to come in.) There was a man in that room that I found annoying or irritating, but I didn't know him.

    Finally, I couldn't take the waiting anymore and decided just go open the door and go to him. When I did, I saw him in bed with my sister (one that I don't really even speak to) he looked up at me and told me to go, he wasn't done yet.

    At that point, I did as he asked and tried to be dignified/philosophical about it. Apparently, I had known the whole time that they were in there and just couldn't take it anymore.

    Someone, either me or someone in the room, was asking why I would be with a man who could hurt me like that. I could feel the pain in my dream and still feel it now.

    At some point, I went away to another country with my parents to get my mind off him, but everywhere I went, whatever I did, I ached for him and missed him more until the pain became unbearable and I came back.

    That's the whole dream. Honestly, it keeps replaying in my mind and the pain is getting worse as the day goes on. If anyone can shed some light on this, it would mean so much to me.

    Thank you:)

  • Ok from reading the first few sentences I realized. Yall have distanced eachother. Theres a connection wanted to be made but there is an issue blocking the way. Either a person or something you blame yourself for. see some things that most people in relationships forget is there is always something new to learn and imbrace. Sometimes people just dinsatnce themselves when they feel they need space. Maybe it also means that space is needed to do some "me time evaluation". The only way to really understand is Kick in the door and face whats going on. But remember you can force yourself into a space, but you cant force yourself into someones heart.

  • Serious7-thank you for helping me. I haven't stopped crying since I woke up...and I haven't cried over him in a while.

    We had an argument 3 weeks ago and I haven't contacted him because I know if I do, he will never face his issues. So you're very right in your interpretation. My problem is my dreams always signal something that's about to happen and I'm lost trying to figure out what this is.

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