• About 10yrs ago I actually seen something in my home. My ex-husband and daughter were in the same room and only about a foot away from the apparation that only I saw. He hovered about a foot or so above the floor and was surrounded in a white haze. I saw his face as clear as day. Youngish 20's or so. Black hair, facial hair on chin, chiseled features, but not a face that I recognized. Not for a second for thereafter was I afraid. I actually felt the most calm that I have ever experienced. I didn't want to blink because I knew that once I let that happen he would be gone. I didn't think to ask him who he was or to ask for a name because I was so engulfed in the vision in front of me. I could see my ex and daughter thru my perifial vision - they seemed to be frozen during this time as I was. None the less, I blinked and he was gone. I was jumping up and down trying to explain what I had just experienced and of course they thought I was nuts. I often think of him and his purpose. Just to end my topic, it was about 6yrs later that I walked away from my marriage. Anyone like to discuss this with me?

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